Saturday, 23 March 2013

Another Day Another Snow Blog ?

Ok I was lying will be part snow....part chat.......I have no news to report, except for the fact that the snow has hit home over night and we are all well and truly snowed in down our lane.
We all have provisions. ( I collected bits and bats for people yesterday) and I stocked up animal feed, so we are all sorted... But I could do without this "get cold get warm" routine as I have just started antibiotics for a bad chest.....
It would be nice to just sit on the couch with a rug over my legs......

The Cottage

William, Meg and George, who were somewhat stir crazy from yesterday's incarceration , were let out on bosom's part of the field, and ran amok like toddlers in a ball pool when I got on with the huge task of feeding and watering the animals,  each getting their own provisions inside their own houses.
It took me almost two hours to sort each out and to construct a duck run ( to prevent Bert and Ernie getting disorientated and flapping off into the drifts)
How real farmers with hundreds of lambing ewes cope in this weather , bugger only knows.

The geese, I could let out with an extra watering bowl 
Whilst just in the distance you can make out Sylvia and Irene 
Hiding away next to the far hedge.
I took them water and feed and left them to it.

By 9 am I had had enough, so it was time for coffee. Later I will need spread dry clippings on the floor on each coop and house, not the nicest job as each resembles and smells like a general public urinal.
At least the dogs seem to have enjoyed themselves


  1. Just a thought. Have you never thought of building a big concrete or corrugated iron shed for winter housing John? I love the Ukraine village, but I couldn't put up with struggling around opening and closing all those little houses, or cleaning them out every week.

    Great pictures!

  2. I love the 3 dogs, all with their flags in the air.

  3. Marvellous photos of the dogs - they obviously love the snow.

  4. Dogs, the well looked after ones anyway, seem to be in a perpetual state of good humour! After the torrential tropical downpour all through last night, Doggie and Charlie amused themselves by digging massive holes all over the rain softened driveway.

  5. This weather certainly makes hard work of everything John ..... made even harder with a chest infection, I'm sure. .....but, for the dogs, it looks like great fun.
    Your cottage looks lovely, covered in snow. I think that you should do as Tom suggested and take a photo of it for next years Christmas card ( as if you haven't got enough to do !!!! ) Keep warm all of you. XXXX

  6. Anonymous12:22 pm

    The three amigos look like they were enjoying their romp. Take care of that chest infection John.

  7. There's abandoned cars everywhere! Here's us in Llanasa...

  8. Welcome to our winter world!

  9. What is this Vancouver!!! Where they go into a panic whenever it snows a bit! lol
    I know all is relative and I am sure John you all will get through this with flying colours.

  10. Hello from the little village of South Lebanon (US)!

  11. It looks nasty. Hope things change soon for you, John. Love the cottage and the dog photo's. Deb

  12. Stay safe and warm. Nurse that cold.

  13. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I know you must care for your feathered and furry...wish you could be by the fire with comfy blanket and a stiff I'm worried about your chest probs

  14. What a lot of work to keep everyone looked after! You are a busy guy.

  15. loved the dogs in the snow!

  16. I'm so glad it's spring!. ;-)

  17. Look after that chest because no one else will! I'm feeling VERY lucky today. No snow and very little rain. Just fog so thick the lights on the megane are on full beam in broad daylight. Tuck up warm. x

  18. More snow here too - sigh -

    My yellow blow up chick I put on the porch railing has just threatened to throw himself upon an opened safety pin if it doesn't STOP SNOWING soon, lol)

    (ps thanks for your visit/note John - if I'd a 100 more 'o those plastic chicks I'd send em to ya for some cheer!)

    Stay warm,

  19. Stay warm and safe. Hope the chest gets better soon

  20. Love the photos of the dogs running amok (love that word) George is so cute !
    Mother nature is also running amok !

    Feel better soon.
    cheers, parsnip

  21. Glorious photos. Such happy dogs. Please look after yourself at least as well as you do the menagerie.

  22. It looks charming in the photos, but I know how tough it is slogging through the snow. We are having our 3rd March blizzard.

  23. We just missed the second big storm, but not by much. Love the pic of the 3 pups with their tales held high. that could be a Christmas card.

    hope you feel better soon.


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