Sunday, 6 January 2013

Answer This

Gary the Gardner over at 
asked me to complete the following
and as I am waiting for Chris to return from Church here goes

1. What would you do if you won £10,000 tomorrow?
That's easy, pay a few bills, fix the back door,and buy a bulldog and a cow
2. Best lifetime moment?
This is nearly impossible to answer as lifetime moments are often fleeting and intensely personal in nature
but I will brain storm a few that are not just Chris, family and friend based

1.Lying on a couch with Chris and a blanket of dogs (and cats) one Christmas Morning
2. Seeing The New York Skyline at night for the first time
3. Watching an old man waltz with his wife who was suffering from Alzheimer's on a drab psychiatric ward one morning
4 Dancing on the top of a cancer hospital's roof, drunk in the dark
5.Being given my own ward to manage
6. getting my first dog
7.Experiencing a full orchestra concert for the first time at the age of 25
8. Buying my first house
3. Are you happy?
4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
I do neither. I cannot see the blog perhaps gives me enough "feedback"
5. If you could change something in your life, what would it be?
I would like to be 2 inches taller
I would like a few more acres and an American Barn
I would like to have the confidence to join the Male Voice Choir
6. What is your biggest vice/habit in life?
Food/alcohol/food/food, scotch eggs
7. What is a good point about you? And a negative point?
I have a big heart but I can be incredibly bossy
8. What is your most embarrassing lifetime moment?
They are cataloged consistently on the blog....too many to mention, though I am always partial to the story when I broke wind loudly in an Aldi supermarket a year or so ago when I was trying to retrieve a pie from a chest freezer. Much to the enjoyment of several elderly shoppers and a woman in a wheelchair
9. What is your favourite flower?
10. What is your biggest love in life?
Well, Chris,family,friends and animals would be an obvious I will have to add

food (especially scotch eggs)
The Walking Dead,
New York,
Watching a good film and daydreaming in a deserted cinema
Being  home
being loved,
being amused


  1. Sounds as tho you have it all in good order! Well done.

  2. Brilliant :-) and I definitely agree about buying a cow I would love one and Yay for Sheffield, that's where I was born and lived until I was 18 and my parents still live there.

  3. So, we know what to buy you for Christmas.... SCOTCH EGGS.

  4. There's Scotch Eggs, and then there's Scotch Eggs - I like really good ones, but they are hard to find. Mind you, the bad ones are alright if you're really hungry. I thinking winning £10,000,000 would be a more challenging question these days.

    1. Come on then Thomas
      Let's see all your answers

  5. #2 your 3 & 4 are rather sweet, and totally believable.

    #4 - Me too. Not even sure what all this 'Twitter' thingy is!

    #5 - if 'twas possible you could have 2" from off my 6'. Shorter men are so much sexier, says I. (Mind you, at my age by rights I should be well past thinking about that by now).

    #8 - Did you hurriedly cough or clear your throat, forlornly hoping that they might think they'd been mistaken?

  6. Man, I'd love to ship you an American barn...there are so many of them going to rack and ruin for lack of love.

    You have wonderful priorities John. I am so glad to have met you and your friends who comment on your blog. :)

    1. I am glad I have met you sherry x

  7. You've got a great list John, showing that you have enjoyed your life and those special moments! You're right about American Barns, like old homes, I love the ones with character that stand through time and have a story that goes with them. Mine now has one that includes my husband falling off...

    I've no idea what a Scotch egg is, should I?

    1. You haven't lived if you have not had the pleasure ofa good scotch egg x

  8. #2: Sitting in a cosy living room on Holy Island late at night with friends, listening to the wind rattling the metal mast of a fishing boat moored in the bay opposite.

    #5: I would like to have been born into a middle-class Victorian family, and had the opportunity of a good education. I would like to have become one of those Victorian chaps would had their fingers in lots of pies, e.g. inventing, engineering, antiquarianism, covert homosexuality, colonialism, etc.

    #9: I like sun-dappled woodland dells, coppiced forests, bluebells, moss, and misty days.


  9. John, your best life moments brought a tear to my eye you loving bossy thing you ! xx

  10. One of these days, John, I'll pellet you with Scotch (quails) eggs. Homemade. Catch them as fast as you can. Eat or watch your flog gobbling them up.

    £10,000? That's peanuts. Bought some crunchy one this morning. Does wonders to creamed parsnip soup.

    What do you want a bulldog for? You had one, and it died. Your love of Freesias made me stop in my tracks. Is it the smell?


    1. Mad as a box of frogs x

    2. Wasn't it one of our Australian correspondents who nailed the perfect description of the lovely Ursula? Mad as a sackful of cut snakes. Box of frogs is good too though.

      I have never met Ursula, we correspond a lot, but I see her as Lili von Shtupp, the "Teutonic Titwillow" and me as Hedley Lamarr saying, 'Oh shut up, you Teutonic Bitch!' Mind you, I recall in the film Blazing Saddles, Hedley Lamarr asking Lili for 'a quick feel' and her slamming the bedroom door on his arm. That works too.

    3. I see her more like Shirley MacLaine from steel magnolias x

  11. Great list!
    Looking forward to the cow..

  12. Great list. You should definitely get that cow.
    I had a facebook account for a few months. I was pursued by people I could hardly remember or had never heard of trying to be my friend.

  13. Very revealing John - and very loveable too. I definitely identify with the buying the bulldog bit - wish they weren't so jolly expensive. It would be top of my list too.

  14. Very thoughtful--and thought-provoking answers!

  15. Yeah!!! Sheffield!!!! And you should taste the "Sheffield Egg" by PJ taste - Its the best Scotch Egg you have EVER tasted - grab one when you are back here. xxxxxx

    1. Where do I buy one do?

    2. PJ Taste on West Street xxxx


      Checked and PJ Taste is on Glosspo Road - you can also get them in Crookes x

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Win ten grand tomorrow? Switch to 25 year old malt and answer the rest of the questionnaire later.

    Best lifetime moment? Sticking into this 25 year old malt

    Am I happy? Over the barrel, I mean moon

    Do I prefer what? Go away you twit.

    What would I change in my life if I could? The number of digits of my bank account balance.

    Vices? Habits? By smoking, drinking and having sex with every willing partner I have managed to avoid vices and habits.

    A good point about me? I can hold my drink. A bad point? I fail to plan ahead and sometimes run out (same goes for cigarettes and willing partners)

    Most embarrassing moment? Waking up and realizing which willing partner I had married the night before.

    Favourite flower? I am not really a vegetarian so I can’t say I have tried many.

    Biggest love in Life? When I am dead, I will rate them all and tell you but if I had to choose right now, I would say my pet elephant. She is bigger than my wife, my boys and any of the Italian sports cars.

    1. Another mad as a box of frog answer... But I enjoyed it

    2. I worked hard at that answer and I only merit a single frog?

  18. We have heard about this scotch egg before... it was explained to me what it was, that much I remember. The explaining, I mean. The meaning escapes me. It would not help me explaining it again...

    I would just remember asking.
    That would be my #2 or would that be #5...

  19. By the way, John, faggots beat scotch eggs anyday.

    1. Faggots beat everything anyway thomas

    2. Touché, mon amis mate...

    3. Thought you would like that

    4. I did. Still miffed about only getting one frog though!

      I am sorry. I am in a giggly mood. My two boys are here, I have told them to raid their tuck boxes (Marcia's shop), nick all the torches and we are going to sleep in the tent I set up in the bush. Both laptops are fully charged and the two DVD's the boys have selected for us to watch while we munch and sip our ill-gotten gains are Dad's Army and The Damn Busters. I'm in heaven!

  20. Lovely !

    cheers, parsnip
    The Square Ones send woofs

  21. I enjoyed this post John. I wish you would join the Male Voice Choir x

  22. My smile for the morning. Lovely.

  23. Have I posted here before? I hope I'm welcome... Scotch Eggs.. last one I was offered included (the food of the devil) Black Pudding. Yuk.

    Loved the one about your first dog, I'm currently waiting (about 14 months to go till Mr O retires) to get my third one - two springer spaniels have gone before the next one. I don't think I can cope with another springer spaniel as they are madder than all the boxes of frogs and snakes you have mentioned so far.

    And as for the money, well, so long as my family are provided for and happy (I'd give it to them mostly), what do I need money for? Smiles count for a lot and creating happy (reasonably priced) memories of time spent with family is priceless.

    Go on, join the choir, sing your heart out.

    I love your blog!

    1. You are very welcome Janet x

  24. Wow. Wonderful answers to that meme. Thank you. (You can keep scotch eggs though - or eat my share or something. Shudder.)

  25. Oh I haven't been on your blog in a long time and as I scroll down I see I have missed some good stuff. Didn't realize that the New York skyline would be a love in your life -- being you live in a small English village. Your dog photos are precious. -- barbara

  26. Great post, John. :o)

  27. Great answers, except for one: I can't believe you haven't joined that chorus yet!

  28. 1. pay off debt and travel

    2. being cancer free for 24 years now, removing all the bullies/toxic people from my life, 4 years of psychotherapy

    3. relatively yes

    4. neither and never will

    5. I would be single

    6. sweets

    7. I am intelligent; I am short-tempered

    8. can't think of any right now...

    9. carnations

    10. cats and spouse

    1. Good answers honest too !

  29. Lovely - you make me smile. I shall see the NY skyline for the first time in April.
    Go on join the choir !

  30. I normally hate these questionaires but the answers you gave were so good. I love all you lifetime moments, the simple things stay with you.

  31. A lovely old barn is at the top of my list of things I'd love to have in sometime before I "go". Just think of the critters I could fit into that!
    Lovely list, I find there are a lot of things on your list that pop up on mine as well.


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