Friday, 7 December 2012

Made To Suffer

Glen and Maggie are safe
Daryl isn't
Tyreese has turned up with a few others
and Carol states she isn't a Lesbian
The walking Dead gets better!
Hey Ho
Series 3 continues in Feb


  1. LOVED IT! I can't wait until February. That whole lesbian hair thing was hilarious. Side note, where is she getting her hair cut since the zombie apocalypse?

    1. a girl has to organize good grooming...even in the zombie apocalypse

  2. Geez, just because she has short hair doesn't make her a lesbian! I know plenty of them and only a few have hair that short. I keep wondering why all the guys don't have full beards by now. I find it hard to believe they're shaving regularly!

    1. YAY for straight girls with short hair!
      John, how will you cope until Feb without your zombie fix?
      Jane x (she of the very short hair)

    2. I don't watch the show, but did want to mention about the short hair. When i first got mine cut very short, a lesbian friend of mine told me there were certain places where i needed to steer clear, or she was sure i'd get hit on. I was glad she warned me!

  3. I have never watched this. Is it worth getting in to and what side is it on? Thanks John.

  4. I must watch this.


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