Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How Others See You

Apart from a few presses for Chris, I have almost finished the Christmas Shop. 
Like many people this year, we ( the immediate family) have all agreed on a ceiling of spending and will be forking out no more than 10£ or so ,on each person. 
It's a pragmatic and sensible reaction to the recession everyone is banging on about

I have instructed that the nephews don't get us anything at all, which is, I hope, a welcome change as middle aged gay uncles are a nightmare to buy for!

I have been a bit naughty though, as I have bought a gift  for my nephew's partner. It is a general gift for the "family" but I hope (and sort of know) that she will enjoy it the most.
I know you shouldn't have favourites
But I have a soft spot for her.
She has a certain warmth and sweetness about her.

Some people possess something "glowing" in their natures, a certain genuineness which cannot quite be disguised. They are not rare as hen's teeth, you find them everywhere. 
Perhaps it's Christmas that's boosting my sentimental buttons?
Perhaps it's the fact that the older I get, the more squidgy hearted I become
who knows.....

 Even the final scene of this Christmas advert for Morrissons is enough to get me all teary
If you get a chance....go on spoil someone you care about this Christmas 

Anyhow , I am off to drop off some Yultide Shortbread to Kit Hopkins
she's just repaired the hand knitted slippers she made for us last year

I know, they look odd
But they are bloody comfortable!!!!
If she patented them
she'd make a fortune!


  1. Hard to feel the Yuletide spirit when it is so chuffing hot!

  2. Ok, I'll bite: who are Morrisons? A superior sort of supermarket chain?

    Happy Christmas, John. Love the slippers! Very practical, very warm. Washable too!

    1. it's a more budget supermarket judith

  3. I would have been bitterly disappointed if you had not worn silly slippers :-D

  4. John, I don't think you'd be hard to buy/make for in the least!

    That turkey boxing bit in the advertisement was a bit surreal in the morning before my first cup of tea...

  5. Love the slippers...very Elfish/Christmassy looking and comfortable! I have told all kids and grandkids NOT to buy for us as we buy anything we need throughout the year. Makes us feel better knowing they can spend their money on their own household. I would rather have one well thought out present than a dozen "let's fill up the tree" wrapped boxes. The best part of Christmas is the food and company!

  6. There is always a special person who makes us want to "cheat" with our Christmas shopping boundaries. Feels great to do so. As for your slippers, I'm always amazed at the talent of some people. I'm all thumbs and they aren't necessarily green.


  7. You old softie! I NEED those slipppers!

  8. Christmas for us is giftless,we much prefer fabulous meals and time spent relaxing with one another.
    Jane x
    PS I think the slippers need bells on.

  9. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Love the slippers...they look like elf shoes.

  10. Perfect slippers for the Elf in you for Christmas Gift planning I would say. I just met a girl like you mention yours to be ... very genuine and refreshing.

  11. I agree. Elfish looking shoes. Perhaps, you can have Kit Hopkins to add some pointy toes to them. But then, they would only be for Christmas, eh? Unless it's YOU.

  12. Love those slippers!! Agree with other comments they look like elf shoes :-)

  13. shortbread??? wow, i'd knit and mend slippers for shortbread.

    I made a pair for Himself that aren't nearly the fashion statement yours are. I made a pair for me first to try out the pattern to see how it worked. Himself has requested a second pair as he's worn his to bits.

  14. Oh, you aren't fooling us. You're sentimental every day of the year; Christmas just emphasizes it.

  15. What utterly fantastic slippers! I'd wear 'em!

  16. How can you hope to keep up your scruffy image if you keep getting things MENDED?? I know it was a just a ploy to give yourself the opportunity to bake for yet another neighbor. Squidgy you.

  17. Nothing can compare to a comfy pair of slippers.

    I find with age, it becomes easier to be more authentic to the self.

    You shine on, John!

  18. They don't look odd at all - they look perfectly transferable from hearth rug to bed on cold nights and what could be better than that. Agree that some people have that wonderful warm hearted quality - one of those is my dear friend who lost her husband last week and she has the funeral to go through tomorrow, but she is still smiling and cheerful and determind to see it through as he would have wished.

  19. If you can't be comfortable in your own home, where can you be? Love the cosy slippers.

  20. EVERY time I watch that ad I cry........

  21. I love that you get all squidgy-hearted as you get older! I wouldn't think you were difficult to buy for, John. I would LOVE a pair of those slippers. They look so warm and comfy - and I'm always for relaxing in style after my bath! LOL!. Greetings. Jo

  22. I can't help but smile when I see your feet in those slippers, a Welsh Elf who is constantly giving, and has a heart of gold.
    I wish there were more genuine people in the world like you John-the-Dogs, your one o'th good uns...

  23. These days we have agreed that instead of buying the immediate family gifts we will all choose a charity and donate the money we would have spent to it. Which works for me. Children get presents, and my partner and a few friends. It is still a bit overwhelming though.
    I love those slippers. A lot.

  24. It has to be done... we have a three pound limit / buy from the shop for our Charity Shop Volunteers' meal out Friday but two of us have rigged a pressie for one lady. We know she loves the china dolls ... so she will receive one.

  25. I would definitely buy a pair for hubby and I!

  26. I love the slippers photo! They look the perfect fit!

  27. I LOVE those knit slippers! I wish you could share the pattern with us (your readers that knit!) :)

  28. Love the slippers! I've just bought a pair of duvets that you wear on your feet from Ikea and I'm enamoured of them. A skinny £10. Wonder if I'll get a free Skvalba now?

  29. That really is a superb ad'. I can see it receiving awards!

  30. I love those slippers. :)


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