Sunday, 30 December 2012

Earl Okin

I love slightly surreal moments.
They happen all the time if you are that way out and you have the psychi to look for them.
I suppose it's a bit like seeing ghosts.
You only see them if you're tuned into a paranormal wavelength.
or you are's one or another.

Anyhow, I was out up the side of Gop Hill this morning, listening to radio 4's DESERT ISLAND DISCS on my personal radio, and this strange little song entitled MY ROOM by EARL OKIN came on.
I was so taken by the very "oddness" of the piece, I had to check up on the unheard of Okin when I returned
He is indeed an oddity. With the look of a conservative MP and the humorous sexiness of an old Robbie Williams, he cuts a rather different type of rug than the usual Cabaret crooner....

I stood in the blustery wind above the village listening to him vamping it up in front of a tittering crowd, and enjoyed the whole surreal nature of it all


  1. How funny - I have just been name-dropping over on my blog, and now I have the opportunity to do the same on yours. I spent a tense weekend with Earl Okin in a hotel whilst on the theatre circuit in (I think) Germany. I am afraid to say that we were not very friendly to him.

  2. Thanks so much for a great post, it made me laugh.
    I wonder why we never get to see these type of acts and instead are fed so much c*** on the tele.
    A happy and healthy new year to both of you and look forward to a lot more of your entertaining posts.

  3. I wonder what Earl Okin would think to being listened to ona Welsh hillside! Happy new year to you.,

  4. Oh this did make me laugh, and I loved the 'trumpet' he 'played' - this is something I would do, but only when I am out in the fields when no one is around! Wishing you and your partner a joyous new year. x

  5. This is absolutely the best thing I've heard and seen in a long time! Loved it!
    ('... everybody...'). Thanks for sharing it John.

  6. Never heard him, never heard of him but I'm going to listen to some more. Thanks for the introduction. Have a great 2013.

  7. I was also listening to that particular "Desert Island Discs" programme. I had never heard of Earl Okin before. Perhaps you could invite him up to Trelawnyd to open next year's flower show. Very original style.

  8. I've never heard this. Like the invisible horn.

  9. I would LOVE to see him 'live'! He can sure deliver a tune with great timing and a memorable voice. I can see now how you must have been feeling hearing this tune in the hills on your walk!! What the heck! lol
    Thanks for the intro, John.

  10. Like you and 'Yorkshire Pud' above I too had to sit up when it came on the radio this morning. When I see him on the little film you've posted the first person I thought he resembled was Robert Maxwell, which makes his little ditty even more incongruous with his image. A serendipitous find! Thanks.

  11. He looks a bit like Elvis Costello...

  12. His trumpet playing reminds me of Herb Alpert. hard to believe he doesn't have a real trumpet.

  13. Loved the trumpet! Probably a lot funnier to watch than just listen to.


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