Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Information Is Power

Gladys Jones ( Auntie Glad) rang yesterday and left an answerphone message
Could I call around sometime in the afternoon?
Of course I did, and took with me a spare pork chop from the freezer, so I could swap it for the bag of scones that had been freshly baked and wrapped for me.
I had earmarked the chop for another of the village ladies (also called Jones) , , who had made me a jar of chutney last week, but unfortunately she had suffered a sudden stroke on Sunday and is now in hospital.
True to form, Gladys knew all about the other Mrs Jones. The nerve -centre  which is her aga warmed kitchen, could put MI6 to shame, as information from every corner of the village is transmitted with lightening speed through a whole host of "operatives" back to her.
She is an elderly version of Judi Dench from SKYFALL
Omniscient and benign.

I know the other Mrs Jones and her family well.
She has visited me often on the field when the weather has been kind
and always refers to me in her sing song Welsh accent as a formal "Mr Gray"
I will take the dogs up to the family farm today to see how she is doing.

Gladys has known Mrs Jones since the 1940s and as we chatted I mentioned that only in 2009 I remember seeing Mrs Jones hanging onto the back of a tractor when she thumbed a lift from Gentleman farmer Ralph back up to her old farm
Gladys smiled
"she was a lot younger then " she noted
and I smiled too
Mrs Jones was a youthful 83 at the time


  1. Get well soon Mrs Jones xx

  2. Healing thoughts to Mrs. Jones. My MIL stays home most of the time but, acquires local information not even the CIA could gather. It's no wonder her house phones handset is worn and sometimes appears to be melting.

  3. I have a friend in her mid 80's like Aunt Glad. She never goes anywhere but knows everything about everyone..........she's better than the Internet!!!

    Get well soon, Mrs. Jones.


  4. Clearly the way to a woman's heart is through a frozen pork chop. I wonder if I'd have the same success with a plump Yorkshire sausage?

  5. The very first time I met my friend, Bob's Mom, she had been in the Yard changing the oil on the tractor. She was 75 then, and is now 91 I believe. Oh if we are to be so lucky to be that spry and aware at those ages.

  6. Jones the Scone, and Jones the Farm.

  7. Anonymous12:45 pm

    You've got some tough ladies out your way. I wonder if it's the air?

  8. They don't make 'em like they used to!
    Jane x

  9. Auntie Glad is the nerve centre for you all. I am assuming that role will be passed on to someone? Hm-m-m......

  10. From Auntie Glad's Mouth, to your post. Love the vine!
    You really love your Ladies, don't you, John?
    My thoughts to both.

  11. Coming up to my eightieth John, I find this very cheering. Considering that Judi Dench is in her late seventies, I cannot imagine how she can look so sexy. My hairdresser says he gets dozens of women each week who ask for their hair to be cut like hers.

  12. let's all hope we'll be just the same when we're that young!

  13. It really is a case of keeping up with the Jones'isn't it?!

  14. Which just goes to prove that age is relative!

  15. sending healing thoughts from across the Pond to Mrs J. Auntie Glad is my hero and role model if i have chance to make it to my eighth decade.

  16. Megan she's nearly 94

    1. oops! make that NINTH decade!

  17. Is there something in the water around your way? you should bottle it.......

  18. I can't think of Auntie Glad as just 'Mrs Jones' From what you've told us about her, she is just one beautiful, amazing lady. I would love to meet her, but in a way, through you, we already have. My best wishes go out to the other Mrs Jones as well.

  19. Yes I know a few people like Gladys, always up-to-date on everything. Whatever you tell them, invariably they've already heard about it. How do they do it?

  20. Trelawnyd obviously has magical powers John ......... Auntie Glad and Mrs Jones seem to have loads of energy ( although Mrs Jones has had a slight setback). Wishing Mrs Jones well and a full recovery and perhaps when she is back to her old self they could both tell you their secrets of their long lives and you could then tell us !!!! XXXX

  21. I love the way you look out for your friends and neighbors. Also, bartering is the way to go. Great post.

  22. Anonymous12:30 am

    came by to see my favorite chicken photo...and of course to see what you're up to these days John. lovely post...your ladies are an inspiration to me...since I'm a "spring chicken" at 70 and need to get up off my posterior and do something. I do believe that rural life is more conducive to aging than city life...someone's always going to be checking to see if one is alright and there're always exciting opportunities to ride on the back of a tractor.

  23. Hope she recovers for many more birthdays.
    *hugs* to you and Auntie Glad. ♥
    (My favorite Granny's name was Gladys.)

  24. ....me and Mrs Jones... wishing her well x


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