Saturday, 27 October 2012

Best Of British

Odd Looking, camp and truly terrifying ( no not me but Javier Bardem!)
I won't pick the whole Skyfall to pieces too much.
I have not really got the time today
Suffice to say that I enjoyed the quality of it all.
It is, a bit of a class act......and these are a few reasons why
  • Director Sam Mendes allows a quality cast to shine alongside the usual wham, bang, wallop of care chases, doomed bond girls and big brassy opening credits
  • Judy Dench is absolutely cracking as the "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen"  00 leader.M . She underplays wonderfully , giving a certain sympathy to an essentially unsympathetic character
  • New Q (Ben Whishaw),M's aide Tanner(Rory Kinnear) and fellow agent Eve (Naomi Harris) are given space to impress as the plot hurtles onwards in typical 007 style and they support a rather shopworn Bond ( The human but never too humane Danial Craig) but are certainly not overwhelmed by him and his usual flippant charisma
  • Javier Bardem is an inspired choice for the 23rd Bond Villain. His opening speech in the movie,( a chilling monologue about rats that inhabit a small island), is worthy of something Hanibal Lector would deliver, and sets the scene for a truly frightening Bond adversary who is not adverse in a bit of camp, malevolent seduction techniques when Bond is haplessly tied to a chair...
  • Mendes obviously has a great deal of fun incorporating the tried and tested Bond Clichés  alongside some innovative cinematography and fresh ideas of how MI6 could work in a modern world.
I enjoyed it all, even though it was slightly overlong....and I suspect that Mendes, Dench and cinematographer Roger Deakins may be in line for some Oscar nominations in 2013.... 
I hope so.......
The new Bond is a class act
But we shall see
8.5 out of 10


  1. Can't quarrel with anything you say here, J.G., but I'm not sure there'll be any Oscar nominations, deserving though they may have been. (I've already added further responses to your comments on my own blog.) But we agree it's definitely worth seeing.

  2. The only bond man for me is Sean Connery.....sorry!


  3. Hi Bro,
    You don't mention the champagne, the Aston Maritn ,the Hollywood movie star, the shoot out on the pavement I know slightly surreal in Prestatyn it all happened.
    from Russia with Love.

  4. Hmmmm! Watched "Die another day" again last night - still didn't get past half way before my bed beckoned! Recipe-style 007 movies bore me these days - like Gill, I favour old Sean-the-lad as my favourite Bond!

  5. Ooooooo, can hardly wait! Daniel Craig and Judi Dench have been the best thing to hit James Bond since a second martini. Bring on the popcorn! And so glad you had fun!

  6. I watched the Graham Norton Show last night with Daniel, Judi and Javier. Apparently the Film Classification Board has a special file for whenever Judi Dench swears on film because they always get more complaints than if it were anyone else.

  7. This may be one Bond movie I may actually watch.
    Jane x

  8. Sounds great! Oh and what is the thought on the Adele theme song? I downloaded it the day it was available, I LOVE it. Could listen to it all day. Haunting and beautiful as a Bond theme song should be. I just wondered how it translated onto the big screen with the credits?

  9. Judy Dench is always superb. Love the lady.

  10. Has Judy Dench ever been anything but perfect? She really is on the top rung of English actors.

  11. We are going to see it as a family which is a rare thing these days to all want to see the same film !


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