Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A £2.50 Win

Last night I teamed up with affable despot Jason and went to the Quiz up at The Crown.
Before I went, I took the dogs around the village for a walk, a thing I don't usually do on an evening, as our final walk of the day is usually confined to a quick "wee stop" down the lane near the cottage.
The village takes on a wholly different character on a wintry night, a thing I have not really realised before.
For a Monday evening the village seemed very busy.The lights were on in the memorial hall as the bingo night was still in full swing and on London road the small congregation was leaving the Chapel   after some meeting or other.
In houses and cottages , I could see lights from lamps and the flickering twinkle from tvs and I remember thinking that
the village looked more alive, vital and populated than ever it does during a rainy Autumn daytime.
Light give a place warmth and a heart....
During a cold day, nothing seems to stir behind net curtains and behind closed doors
Weird that

Anyhow, Jason and I won £2.50 at the quiz!
The grey haired "Dyserth Six"  won the main prize ( I suspect that they actually supplement their megre pensions with regular quiz winnings) and at one point there ensued a somewhat lively and challenging debate when Jason spied another team desperately searching the Internet on their blackberrys for the answer to the quiz question
"What is a Rubicon?"
 Now That's not really playing the game ..is it?
Mind you, it was all good light hearted banter, and it was nice to chat with other neighbours after the quiz itself..... with Chris still away,things have been somewhat quiet around here
The Crown Pub recent review!)


  1. I do love a pub quiz! And being a librarian (ret'd) I am rather good at them. Ahem.

    John, have you seen this video of ducks rescued from a hoarder introduced to water for the first time? I thought it would appeal to you.

    1. Thanks for the link Judith - it really made me smile. And I'm glad you had a nice evening John. You must be missing Chris :)

  2. A bit of community involvement - friendly competition, banter, a drop to drink are all salve for when there is a missing loved one. And living in a small village makes that easy to do doesn't it.

  3. So true about the evenings making places look friendlier. Even my little (hideous) townette looks quite pleasant. Until about 11.30 chuck out time, larf.
    I say townette, cos although it is expanding residence-wise it is getting smaller shops/amenities-wise
    'ark at me sounding all 'wise' lol.
    Lawdy, I want to move!
    Susan x

  4. I agree - aside from the alcohol, pubs have a very warming effect on local communities. How are you going to spend your (joint) winnings?

  5. Oh, such a relief. No disasters last night and even 2.50 ahead. Good going, John. See if you can stay out of trouble again today.

  6. Errrrrr - so what IS a Rubicon?

  7. Anonymous11:32 am

    Your village sounds cosy. That's about the only good thing winter has going for it.
    Loved Judith's link...

  8. Clearly they don't have shutters...French villages loook like morgues day and night.

  9. Anonymous11:53 am

    I had to watch the duck video Judith....absolutely adorable watching them find out who they were.

  10. Congratulations John!!! Now you supplement your pension too!

    Nice pub btw.

  11. I do hope you won't let those winnings go to your heads and start living outside your means. I love your description of the village with the twinkle of lights against a dark night as being a warmer and more bustling sight than that of a rain-soaked Autumn day. I could just picture both in my mind.

  12. Before pub quizzes, bouncers should frisk customers at the door to make sure they have no smart phones with which to cheat. So many times, my lads and I have been thwarted by sneaky i-phone cheats. It really isn't in the spirit of things.

  13. I don't know, John -- I'm not ready to admit it's 'winter' yet! But I do agree about the lights -- makes life feel warm and cosy...

  14. You paint a lovely picture of village life...invest that money well

  15. I miss evenings like that.
    Jane x

  16. Spend your £2.50 wisely. Don't squander it all at once....

  17. Anonymous2:26 pm

    One of the few things I enjoy about the cold dark months is the warm twinkle of lights behind private windows, the little glimpses into lives lived.

  18. I go to a local pub quiz every Thursday. There are some sore losers in the pub-especially as we win a lot..they tried to refer to us as Google corner. We enjoy winning and smile graciously whilst we get our free drinks for said win. Even put the mobiles( two of which are so ancient that they struggle to text never mind connect to the internet) In a box near the bar and we still won by 14 points-sometimes it is best to just enjoy the winnings and not go for the odd week to give the sore losers a chance to moan about someone else. Cheers :-)

  19. Wasn't the Rubicon a river?

  20. I think searching the internet for the answer is definitely not playing fair.
    Congratulations on your win, John. Have a great day!

  21. You're posting about murderous rodent rampages, multiple-species wrestling matches, and shattering ceramics of various sizes...and you say it's been a bit quiet without Chris? He must really get up to a lot more hijinks than you've ever let us in on!

    Although I mostly dread the shortening of the days and the dark, cold dog walks after work, it is rather charming to be on foot through even my modern suburban neighborhood at night. I have fond childhood memories of coming home in the car after dinner at family friends', peeking in the passing windows at all the cosiness.

  22. Hmph, I do not believe that using the internet during a quiz is any better than a dictionary at a spelling bee! Kick their kiesters out, I say!

    Yeah for your win!

    You sound lonesome, when does Chris come home?

  23. I can only ever do the classical music questions and they are few and far between.....

  24. Walking in winter evenings and being able to look into houses where they do not close the curtains is a particularly enjoyable thing I find...or is that just me?
    And NO ONE should cheat at a quiz.....enjoy your winnings.

  25. I wish I could have been there! It sounds like such a cozy evening and loads of fun. The folks looking stuff up on google should be banned from playing forever! Cheaters!

  26. Where are you intending to go on your winnings? Certainly not the South of France, more like the South of Trelawnyd I would think. Still - better than nothing.

  27. I have a love / hate thing with pub quizzes...

    (does quizzes have two "z's ?")

  28. Sounds like a cosy evening. I wouldn't even know if £2.50 would buy a pint anymore? I expect not . . .
    3 more sleeps! x

  29. Good on you and Jason! I see that you've decided to put the £2.50 towards a pot to piss in.

    I'm seeing a lot more smoke coming from chimneys this week. I think the colder weather is here to stay for a season.

  30. It's the annual charity quiz at work on Thursday. Sadly a certain consultant's quiz king crown is safe for another year, as my dream team member colleagues are in Nepal and Germany respectively. I could probably wipe the floor with him on my own, but don't want to spend £60 for a one person table the wrong side of pay day.

  31. we're rich!... rich I tells ya!

  32. Better to have won half of £2.50 than to have lost. And having kept people enthralled in the process.

    Well done, you!

  33. Any win is worthwhile. When does Chris get back?


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