Monday, 3 September 2012

Now, where's my list?

I feel somewhat jet lagged today
I was on night shift Saturday night
Yesterday was a night off
Am on  shift again tonight
My body ( 50 years old and somewhat jaded)
Is feeling the strain.

we fly to Sitges on Friday morning
Holiday checklist has just been written this am
I do like my lists

1) Animal care plans all written and laminated
2) White Underwear ( not the usual grey ones) (  and the new ones -without any holes in the gussets!) all folded and all ready for flying (just in case of a crash)
3) Pretentious Holiday reading obtained
4) Trashy Holiday reading ( to be read out of sight of others) obtained
5) Holiday shorts, walking dead T shirt, and new (non green) beach shoes all placed in a neat pile (we all love a new "travelling outfit)
6) Passport finally found after a hysterical, hyperventilating search
7) Imodium capsules located ( just in case)
8) Teaching sessions started for conscripted animals carers
9) 14 new " to do" lists written out and re written
10) Emergency Euros ordered
11) Check computer 100 times for Sitges weather report
12) Build up for a humdinger of a pre holiday row!

Ok I am ready!


  1. Anonymous11:33 am

    Oooh another list maker. My Boyfriend takes the p**s that I make and re-make so may lists and that I go into a state of shock if I should venture out without the notepad that contains such lists. But then if I didn't make lists he'd forget half the important stuff he has to remember so who's laffing now? :D

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  3. Exciting. Sitges is fab. Do you have or will you hire roller blades? Lists are essential and agree that you should prepare for the humdinger - usually at the airport I find in presence of many, then the holiday can really begin. Enjoy. Hope you find time to share a few posts on your adventures (not all of course but a few).

  4. Exciting. Sitges is fab. Do you have or will you hire roller blades? Lists are essential and agree that you should prepare for the humdinger - usually at the airport I find in presence of many, then the holiday can really begin. Enjoy. Hope you find time to share a few posts on your adventures (not all of course but a few).

  5. I love lists. Hand-written lists. Forget using smartphones for that!
    Have a lovely trip, take lots of photos for us!

  6. And I thought it was just me who worked myself into a frenzy before vacation. I'm usually so uptight that I ruin the travel and the first few days away, then later have intense regret for having done so. But, can I help myself? No. It's the same every time.

  7. Lists? I used to do lists, but no more. A holiday (if I ever took them, and was inclined to make such a list) would take me 10 minutes maximum:

    -wallet, passport, phone, charger
    -two sets clothes for wet/dry
    -wash bag, small towel,sun block
    -reading material and local map
    -twelve hours worth of food/water
    -torch, spare shoelaces
    -camera, and laptop if required

    That's it. No fuss, definitely no rows (I don't 'do' rows), and everything squeezed into a single medium-sized rucksack, as I can't abide suitcases. All done in ten minutes.

    Admittedly, I do spend more time doing the research (memorising maps, checking local transport arrangements, checking English-language versions of local newspapers, etc.). But the practical stuff is done and dusted very quickly.

    I also make sure that I learn basic language skills as locals always appreciate you making the effort, even if you aren't very good. I love 'having a go' with overseas languages, although I always need to refresh these before I travel.

    Then walk, bus, airport, and gone.


  8. Pre-holiday jitters going on? best be taking some of that imodium now maybe? Lists are wonderful for those of us in our 50's, even more so.

  9. I have to make lists too. Memory is crap any more.
    Love your list, John. Enjoy your holiday!

  10. Spanish weather:

    In Spanish :-o

    Although Google Chrome will do a sort-of translation for you.

    Have fun. Will speak before then anyway, I think.


  11. This reminded me of that Billy conolly sketch about being rushed to hospital wearing grotty underwear :-D

  12. What's a holiday?
    Jane xxx

  13. September in Sitges.... it has quite a ring to it!

  14. Maybe go light on the row, but do have a wonderful time.

  15. Anonymous3:15 pm

    There is only one thing worse than a hyperventilating passport search experience.

    It's finding the passport, then also that it's about to expire..

    Been there.

  16. Who is tending the babes and bringing the paper in?

  17. good to get the pre-holiday row out of the way. Travel safe - have fun!

  18. Anonymous3:47 pm

    sounds like you've got everything cover...list wise!!! you have heard that Bobby Burns line...about the best laid plans!!! don't snap...just asking! definitely have the fight before you arrive, thus you can spend your time (part of your time anyway) kissing and making up!!!

    geez did your Mom give you the clean underwear speech too???

  19. We may pass each other by. I should be off to Barcelona soon once I've booked a flight. I've just found out that Iberia has junked my reservation and issued an unasked for refund on my card, whilst also putting the tickets up from £185 to £385. That's how they deal with full flights!!!

    Enjoy your trip. I'm sure we'll get there, or somewhere. Mrs IG wants to go Barcelona, I wanted to go to Bucharest! I might get my wish...

  20. Crisp white undies in case of a plane crash? You be better with black boxer shorts! (Geddit?)

  21. So it's not just us that fight before a holiday then?...Sitges sounds fun...have a great time and take pics.

  22. Re no. 7 - what about constipation capsules too - I find it is often one thing or the other abroad - there seems to be no happy medium.

  23. Gawd, sounds like everyone got the clean underwear lecture as a kid! Mine gave it even if we were just going for a short ride, or errand, in the car. No holes, either!

    Seriously, have a fantastic, relaxing vacation/holiday!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  24. Try not to have the row says she who goes into a hissy fit before a holiday about all the things she has done to prepare for it while the others skulk around loading up the car giving her time to check the lists one more time, check the house over & hand the keys & more lists to friends.

    Have a fabulous holiday xx

  25. Sun Tan Lotion? After Sun Lotion? After Booze Up Lotion? Lotion Removal Lotion?....Hope you have a great time over in Spain but don't eat any of that foreign muck! Stick to urban British fayre - fish and chips, steak and kidney pudding and chicken biryani with pilau rice and peshwari nan washed down with a few pints of Boddies.

  26. I head off Thursday and am not nearly as ready as you (nor as neurotic, I think). If I were you I would simply scratch the pre-holiday row off the to-do list. My rule is if you don't put it on the list, you don't do it.

  27. Have a lovely holiday John, take lots of pics please. Love your blog, btw, what a great sense of humour.

  28. I love lists. If I do something that wasn't on my list, I add it to the list so I have the joy of tickng it off . . . . Yes, joy!
    Enjoy your hols, both of you x

  29. I thought clean underwear was only called for when being run over by a bus?

  30. It sounds like a high old time. Enjoy!

  31. You should take a kindle and then no problems with what you are reading - no bugger can tell

  32. If you wear clean, brand-new respectable undies you're just inviting a crash. Best to wear the grubby ripped ones.

  33. I know that passport panic--I've had more nightmares about being on final approach to Paris and wondering how the hell I got on the plane without a passport.

    Enough about me--happy trails, bon voyage, and don't forget to put Chris in the car!

  34. forget lists just have a fantastic time, see you when you come back all suntanned.

  35. I've always heard on trips like yours to take half the clothes and twice the money. Whatever you need or don't need, I know you'll have a wonderful, wonderful time!! Of course we left-behinders will all look forward to a full report!

  36. What the heck! Why am I getting all excited?! See the effect you have on some of us, John!
    Now you two be good, have a great time and everything will go smoothly, just keep your your mouths shut until you are in the air!!

  37. Great list except the row part, lol.

  38. Get the row out of the way as soon as possible. Make it as brief as possible, too.

    One year, i decided we needed to avoid the row and let Himself to his own devices to pack (he insisted he could do it without my help, grown man and all that).

    I bit my tongue, allowed him the last word (rare event), and stepped back.

    We arrived at our destination several hundred miles away, where he discovered...drum roll please...he had forgotten to pack trousers.

    For a while, i kept a list in the suitcase so i'd know what to pack. On some trips, we've gone to wildneress locations where you can't simply go buy what you've forgotten.

  39. Have yourself a lovely holiday !
    I'd stick to the fish and chips if I were you ;)


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