Saturday, 1 September 2012


Lazy post today.
I am on another night shift ( a favour for a workmate) so will have worked THREE nights this week,
Gawd practically a full timer! 
hell's teeth!
So I will leave you with a piece of music from a master composer
And that is John Williams, who at the age of 80 , has just been recognised by the Classic Brits for a lifetime achievement award in the field of film score


  1. Very pleasant, John!

    Hell's teeth?

  2. Thank you, John, John Williams is one of my top favorites.

  3. I could listen to 'strings' all day. This was lovely, John. Thanks.

  4. I wish I was *musical*.
    I want to be that person who steps up at a moment's notice and saves the day, on the old joanna.
    As it stands, I can't carry a tune in a bucket......

  5. A beautiful piece of music.

    Three night shifts in a week? That's tough. How people do nightshifts full-time, I can't imagine.

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  7. John Williams is the very best and should have received this honor years ago!

  8. beautiful music...thanks for sharing!

    hey SJQ (we're blog/Facebook friends)...if you've worked nights you know about Hell's Teeth!!! ;)

  9. I love learning about what music others listen to. Usually find something that I will like.

    I share your nightshift woes. I'm only supposed to work two nights every four weeks. I'm doing something like ten in September due to vacations and relief staff who refuse to work nights!

    Take care, it's a full moon!

  10. Full-time? how are your dependents managing without you???

  11. Nothing worse than nights!
    Try not to get caught back up in the whole rat-race!

  12. I walked around the death camp at Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin, softly whistling this very tune... It seems to speak of those who have gone and of mankind's tragic flaws. How could we let it happen?

  13. Rhonda's currently doing three nights each week as the Nursing Home component of the Retirement Village is short-staffed. Management are trying to get a registered nurse transferred down from Sydney to help out and they are re-considering going back to sponsoring UK RN's out to Australia but past experience has shown that they use the rural Retirement Village as a stepping stone to gaining Australian work visas and then take-off to city hospitals (they don't seem to like cleaning dirty bums! Grrrr!)

  14. John Williams is off the scale talented. One of the people I am totally in awe of. I watched a program about the film score for Star Wars once - it made me totally appreciate music in film ever since. xxxx


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