Sunday, 16 September 2012

Autumn in Wales

Sitges Promenade
I am missing Sitges.
I especially miss the early evening promenade walk, when what seems like the whole population (with their dogs in tow) come out to amble under the palm trees, and chat and greet in the warm autumn sunshine.
The Spanish have the right idea. Their "outsides" become mere extensions of their living rooms, The promenade is simply another "room" to be shared and enjoyed without worry or selfishness.
Of course the Spanish have better weather
Autumn in this country means wetness and cold
Autumn in this country means hiding away in your own living rooms
and autumn means dark evenings, The return of the Downton Abbey pantomime and the prospect of 14 celebrities learning to ballroom dance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Man in a blue dress

Last night Jerry Hall thoroughly enjoyed herself as she vamped it up in true drag queen/Tallulah Bankhead style as Strictly dragged it's sorry arse back to the small screen and tonight sees the lovely Matthew Crawley boring the tits off Lady Mary in Downton.

Delightfully Boring ( bet they shag like little rabbits though)
The Brits are now all set for Autumn
We disappear into our living rooms during those dark evenings
and watch the television.

Perhaps we will experience an Indian summer?
Perhaps with global warming the beach Promenade down in Prestatyn will suddenly sprout palm trees and will allow for the spotty drug addled youth of the town to throw away their hoodies to play half naked volleyball in the sewage free sand........

A typical couple of Welsh farmers unwinding on Prestatyn Beach

Of course September and October will be freezing, wet and miserable...and of course I am such a hypocrite when I say that the goggle box will not have some "pull"  for me as Winter approaches
In 4 weeks time The Walking Dead series 3 returns...

there is nothing like a zombie massacre to lighten those dark days before Christmas me thinks
hey ho

ps two new characters may be joining the field population very soon! I am off to see "them" on Tuesday!!!!
(watch this space) you may be surprised


  1. Please tell us your not going to add a couple of chimpanzees to your ever-growing menagerie!
    A couple of precious folks in my life won't be around to celebrate next Autumn so at the moment I am embracing the change in seasons and thanking whoever is necessary that I can.
    I don't watch Downton - I work in a similar scenario so no need to see how the other half live, I already know! I do love Strictly, however - great entertainment for a Saturday night - for want of any other similar events in my own sorry-arse life!
    Embrace the changes John, go with the flow,join a night class (knitting,crocheting?lol).Enjoy.x

  2. Or why not offer evening classes to the newcomers. 'Practical Chicken Husbandry' perhaps?

  3. Ooops! Think you missed the word like between shag and little . . . Or was it intentional?
    Having never watched Downton I wouldn't know.
    You're missing Sitges, I'm missing Wales. Autumn in Wales is beautiful (sigh) Glad you're back anyway x

  4. "We disappear into our living rooms during those dark evenings
    and watch the television"

    Hmm, I have no TV, so what do you think I spend my after dark hours doing? bearing in mind my staid middle age LOL....

  5. I was thinking goats or sheep as well.

    Tv sucks over here as well, even my beloved Coronation Street is boring at the moment.

    Gill in Canada

  6. As far as Indian Summers go, John, pigs might fly! I adore Jerry Hall. Most of the other contestants were people I had never heard of - but she swayed on to the screen and enjoyed every minute. But can she dance???

  7. Living outside is great.
    I saw it in Granada Nicaragua...come dusk and out come the chairs onto the wide pavements and people just wander about nattering.

  8. I love how the Spanish gather in the evenings - all generations laughing & chatting together.

    I would love you to get goats...what tales you could tell...or a donkey ? Though I rather think it your addittion will be two legged, have wings & feathers.

    Looking forward to Downton - Shirley McClain is joining the family I believe. I missed the Christmas special so am a little behind on the story line.

  9. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Are we taking guesses on what your new inmates will be? I vote for pigs. I miss the pig stories.

  10. I love Autumn. I love the run up to Christmas. I do hate January and February though. Time to stock up on candles and books. Recover the 4 year old knitting project from under the bed and let Autumnal activities begin. Having said all of that I love Sitges too and the promenade. Looking forward to your additions- could it be donkeys? I hope it is.

  11. Rabbits are now running for the hills.
    Jane x

  12. Could you put on upscale airs long enough to buy an alpaca? You shouldn't need a guard llama in Trelawny, but if you did, he could spit at the turkeys. Goats tend to be escape artists, but I think that would be my second choice.

  13. I love living outside (hence the camping) and don't relish nights in over winter. Good job I have the big lad to cuddle up to xxx

  14. Llamas? Donkeys? Peacocks? Condors? Almost nothing would surprise me. Donkeys would be fun...

  15. If I might be so bold your earlship, it sounds like you are a bit "down in the dumps" after your holiday in Sitges. Autumns in Britain are usually not as unpleasant as you imply - I recall many beautiful Autumn periods. So cheer up you miserable old git!

  16. the first time I ever heard Jerry Hall speak, I fell off the chair!

  17. Hope goats!Have had ours for 1 1/2 days and already we are in love with them.

  18. True drag queen style? I don't think Jerry would be very happy with that description. My God, she's female to the roots.

  19. My vote is for goats, too. Miniature goats. :o)

    Very interesting pictures. Some very nice scenery. ;o)

    Have a great evening, John. Hope the dogs are doing better!

  20. nick
    take another look at her on strictly
    she's loving queening it up
    we will see

  21. Tip for tv to watch this autumn - Hunted coming to BBC1 in October looks set to take over where Spooks left off.

  22. As we headed off for our anniversary getaway Jane said, ' I'm SO excited about the weekend'

    'Great,' I smirked 'I shall try to ...erm.. perform to expectations...'

    'Not that,' she replied..' Strictly starts tomorrow and then its Downton on Sunday!'

    So that's what 21 years together brings!

  23. I admit that I did rather like the first season of Downtown Abbey. Haven't watched anymore than that though. So, no shagging to judge.

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  25. John,

    You forgot to mention Great British Bake Off, Wartime Farm and the Bletchley Circle - fab autumn TV to sew/ knit/ crochet/ snuggle by. Shame on you ;-)

  26. Great shot of you playing volleyball!

  27. We're having glorious sunshine at the moment--i'm trying to take as many outside breaks as i can to soak it in, as the weather has turned nippy here, and it's getting too dark too early. Also lining up the autumn and winter projects.

    Two new characters on Tuesday perhaps? My first thought was goats as well. If so, and they arrive on Tuesday, you can call one Tuesday and one Weld.

  28. Tuesday show your age me thinks x

  29. A couple of ostrich perhaps, maybe a peacock and hen - will have to check your more recent posts. I'm almost sure I heard Jerry Hall say that if she inspired a few more drag queens to watch Strictly she would be very happy - or words to that effect :) Elizabeth


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