Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Eliza where the Devil are My Slippers?"

At the end of Gone With The Wind, Miss Scarlett chirped "After all tomorrow is another day" and she was right
This morning the field population looks pretty much unchanged
Carol and Polenta, the  beautiful full grown Aylesbury ducks have now teamed up with the hysterical runners and have left their temporary hen house for more exciting ( and no doubt noisier) times in the large duck house. I suspect that they are somewhat bemused by the runners' "let's scream and run for the hills" kind of mentality... but they'll get over it
The old, bald and knackered  female turkey Theresa now only has the American stag Bingley to bother about now, and he, with the demise of Boris has already calmed down amazingly. It is strange just how much testosterone can be tempered when a rival is out of the way.
Five new healthy wellsummers lead the positive march towards a better egg production this year ( the weather has buggered up egg numbers quite considerably) and Felicity Shagwell and the mini mees have moved hen houses yet again and have started to lay at least we have bantam eggs to eat at home.
The Geese group , sombre and thoughtful, remain the backbone of the field community and as I type this, can be heard honking at passing dog walkers from the gate, as can the blind cockerel Cogburn who is bellowing lustily from his safe haven run.
This year has not only been a year of losses Mabel,Boris,Alf the guinea fowl, two runners, Gloria the old female turkey and a whole aged population of OAP hens have left us, while another nine animals have arrived.
Swings and roundabouts.... swings and roundabouts!
The inflatable "sculptures" against the back drop of Tatton's Japanese gardens

After an enjoyable visit to Tatton Park in Knutsford yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that that Britain does "do" the whole Stately home thing very well indeed! 
Green lawns, formal hedged gardens and some Downton Abbey interiors are often  the favourite areas of choice of the great British public desperate for an Upstairs/Downstairs experience.
But for me, it is the Kitchen Gardens and the Edwardian hothouses that really give me a bit of a thrill.
The ones at Tatton Hall are truly magnificent
The Kitchen Garden

Flower boarders in the walled kitchen garden

The stunning fern hothouse
 Nigel said something interesting to me when I was over in Manchester. He said I often write as though I was much older than my 50 years.....
He didn't just mean this in "you're turning into an old fart" sort of way but I must admit that
after re reading this blog  perhaps I have to agree with him!...mind you.....
at least I didn't add that Tatton Park's toilets were very impressively accessible and that all I wanted to do after a long day's Stately Home visiting was to put my feet into Mrs Hopkins infamous slippers  

which I did btw!

oh and finallyWhat's all this kerfuffle about Ginger Harry ,a bit of white flesh and a set of pubes like a nest of blind mice?
He's been a bit of silly sausage 
That's all....
The Great British public love him as much as they do Stately Homes
So he'll be fine! Just Fine


  1. They look like Trolls feet.

    I agree with you about the kitchen gardens... I also love to see old kitchens. At Brighton Pavilion, the best bit for me is always the kitchen!

  2. really chic slippers there my friend...

  3. "He said I often write as though I was much older than my 50 years...." - Nigel might be right! More mis-spellings needed, less use of capital letters and here are some terms you should scatter liberally within your various postings - "lol", "wicked", "know what I mean bro", "innit", "standout", "WTF", "david cameroon" and "dutty wid gladys". Then you'll seem like a really hip, cool dude.

  4. I looked up those pictures of the royal ging-er last night too. I thought, 'so what?' and was a little disappointed that they did not include the Crown Jewels. I'm sure his grandfather got up to similar stuff in the Navy.

  5. The gardens are amazing...I am sure there is Fairies floating through them when all other is asleep, beautiful. Love those fancy dancy slippers, but they do keep us "over 50 people" pretty warm and snug don't they. I prefer my moccasins, they also are very comfy. x

  6. I love that last shot of you in your "drawers" but you should have worn the sexy slippers so we'd know for certain it was you.

  7. I love the gardens too, there is something about the ordered chaos of it all...and the weather worn boundary walls.
    Jane x

  8. John, you probably have been 'an old soul' most of your life! To me, that is a good thing....shows maturity, wisdom and vision!
    Now for he not merely acting on example from his male and I guess some female, family counterparts? I think things will be quite fine with him.....his Aunt Margaret turned out OK, right?

  9. I'm with Jim. I'm sure Nigel was trying to say that you're wise beyond your years and it reflects in your writing.

  10. Re Prince Harry - if a chap can't do what he likes behind closed doors in a hotel bedroom all I can say is what is the world coming to?

    Glad you are now viewing bird loss as swings and roundabouts.

    Love that kitchen garden photo. I like the fact that things like marigolds and sweet peas are grown among the veggies.

    Your chic slippers are fine until you come across - and stand on - a pebble (I speak from experience.)

  11. Always enjoy the adventures of your birds, sad to see some of them go. The stately homes are great but like you I would be more interested in the kitchens and gardens. Yes Harry is always up to mischief but we love him and I love those slippers!

  12. My flower garden looks vaguely like those right now, but I think half the plants are weeds that snuck in.

    Will Prince Harry have his own reality show now? With Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian? He seems like a really fun fellow, someone my own son would invite to a party in a minute.

  13. Lovely gardens.

    Nothing wrong with being a lovable old fart, John. (so much better than being a stupid dumb one)

  14. I loved the Kitchen gardens as well but was thrilled with the greenhouses and conservatories.

  15. Poor Harry actually believed that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"!

  16. Nothing like a stately home, a wander round the formal gardens followed by tea and a scone.....

  17. You've beaten us to it - we're planning to go to Tatton ourselves tomorrow.

  18. Crikey I feel old now....Stately homes, tea and cake, gardens, slippers.... you silver tongued charmer you... speaking my language!
    as for the young prince? well I think he should do a Hugh Grant and smile, and say 'was it sensible? no....was it fun? yes'......

  19. I don't think you're 'old' John, you're a year younger than me, and I don't feel like I should be, so that means you're not--But I think you have an 'old soul' that shows in how you care for and about everything. But you've got a great sense of humor and when that goes, you are old!!!

    PS: I just think Harry is guilty of poor judgement and I feel sorry for him because he was betrayed--Those who should have had his back didn't, and what happened in Vegas, should have stayed in Vegas, and for a lot of people it does, I'm just sorry it didn't for him too.

  20. John, old age is like a pair of slippers. It's comfortable. However, it has the added bonus that when you want, you can still act like a twat, and no one tells you to grow up. Instead of being a fucking idiot, you get classed as eccentric!

    That said, Mrs IG still tells me I'm a fucking idiot!

  21. I love the fern hothouse. It looks like some exotic tropical island.

    You write as if you're older than 50? What does he mean? You certainly don't write like a superannuated old fart. Old farts don't devote themselves to gaggles of loveable but temperamental animals for a start....

  22. IG and Nick
    I like the thought of acting like a superannuated old twat!

  23. For the life of me, I can't understand this fascination with Downton/Upstairs-Downstairs. Still, maybe it's because I work 'downstairs'!Loving those slippers!
    Wish folk would lay off the Ginger Prince....he's just being a lad.

  24. If it seems that you write much older than your 50 years it might be because there is often an undertone of appreciation for the various things which life confronts you with. I suppose you find that in older people with a retrospective look on life who see that it really wasn't all that bad! But you are definitely young and spunky when you let go about the occasional cretin who you come in contact with! We enjoy the whole spectrum of your writing!

  25. The thing with the Prince is just so ignorant. Shows how poor the news is here that he is all they can find to talk about.
    Big woop.

    Love the slippers, John. A wonderful gift that keeps on giving. :o)

  26. Oh those knitted slippers, my old Mum (Gawd bless her) used to knit endless pairs of them for me and my sisters. They were always too big, I think she only knew how to knit one size.

    I like the kitchen gardens, not so interested in flars and such - I like to see what people are growing to eat. And I'm with Cro about kitchens - much the most interesting room in the house. I love looking at other people's kitchens.

  27. We don't do stately homes at all, so I always love a look at yours. And kitchens, libraries and the gardens have my vote.

  28. The kitchen garden is stunning!
    I was so sorry to hear that Borris has passed away. He was my favorite of your birds. You have had a hard year.

  29. How beautiful - and I am talking about the kitchen gardens. Your slippers look very comfy - I belong to the barefoot tribe. I often wish I didn't.

  30. oooh I love kitchen gardens too. Love reading about your flock...the names always make me giggle. Where are the crack house whores ?

  31. The crack house whores are still going strong even after the death of leader vinegar tits

  32. Lovely gardens! Nice slippers! Naughty Harry!

  33. I'm sorry to hear about Vinegar Tits, John. I would have thought you'd have mentioned it in a blog entry (and perhaps you have--i'm still getting caught up on my blog reading).


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