Thursday, 9 August 2012

Broadstairs New

Chris left for Broadstairs today. He is spending six days with his family, hopefully spending a relaxing time in the family beach hut which overlooks the picturesque bay of the town.
He deserves the break as he has been flexing his academic brain ( which IS the size of an average planet), far too much recently
I shall miss him, but at least the cottage will be tidy for a few days
I have made the most of the beautiful weather  by scrubbing 13 hen houses free of red mite...which is a necessary but awfully dirty job to do, especially after only having 3/4 of an hours sleep after night shift....

I have only just finished ( hence the late blog) so me and the dogs have been just that little bit naughty and have just returned from sneaking to KFC for a shared 2 pieces of chicken and a large "chips" in the car park which overlooks the small industrial estate!
( who says I'm not cosmopolitan?)
Answers on a post card........


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    while the cat's away the mice will KFC! hopefully your chickens will be grateful for you freeing their abode from crawly pests! for this alone you deserved your KFC...and that you shared it with furry kind!

  2. I love the admiration for Chris that carries across in your words. But then, you make it sound as if he were the one responsible for the messy house??

    So, are we adding red-mite scrubbing to the Olympic events? Or is that just a qualifying round for the goose-house delousing event? I'm taking notes over here..."KFC, lunch of champions!"

  3. Im from Broadstairs and I've never seen it in anyone's blog! You've cheered me up! You should visit, you'd love it :-)

  4. mabel and maisy
    I have been several times it's very pretty!

    1. I'm so glad you've been :-) he's there for Folk Week which will be fab. Let me know if you want to know the best pubs?!! ;-)

  5. Nothing like scrubbing 13 hen houses out when it's roasting. John you're a bogger for punishment. Hope the Trelawnyd Terrors left a bit of of KFC for Albert. Hope Chris has a great break too.

  6. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Hi John,

    As a new kid in town I couldn't possibly be rude about your taste in food. (I'll leave that privilege to the hens..)

    Love the blog. It often has me in stitches. I can understand why you get so much pleasure from country life and the animals, given the fantastic job that you do.

    But de-lousing the hen houses? After less than an hour's sleep???
    How so Going Gently?


  7. Correct me if I am wrong but weren't you on a diet? I haven't heard anything about it lately.

  8. Yechy job, John. I wonder if my Crabby Cabbie "sneaks" a KFC once in a while too, as it is his fav ... lol

  9. Haven't had KFC in ages, craving it now!!!

    Gill in Canada

  10. I have come to a halt in the diet pat... and have stuck at losing 1.5 stone... one of the reasons I have stopped wine too! though I am not seeing much of a change...... the kfc was this weeks' treat!

  11. I'd rather be hung for a sheep as a lamb - if the responsible adult in my relationship was in Broadstairs, me and the dogs would have split a Family Bucket and eaten it at home in bed :-)

  12. Anonymous8:36 pm

    When the hubs went to see his Mom the daughter and myself would treat ourselves to KFC since he wouldn't even consider going there.

  13. Part of the fun when you have a few days on your own is to do stuff you don't normally do. I cook things i love and Himself loathes (he's got a short list, but peas are on it, and i love them).

    I'm sure psychology folks would be glad to offer reasons why after you've scrubbed 13 henhouses, you reward yourself with chicken and chips...

  14. megan
    the answer is plain and simple
    "I am a fat bastard" x

  15. Are they the 13 hen houses in your photo, or is that where Chris is going to get away from them?

  16. thats the lovely front at Broadstairs Tom..... and not a chicken in sight!
    The place IS incredibly scenic even though everyone speaks in "southern tongues!"

  17. Three dogs and one guy shared two pieces of chicken?

  18. Your hens will thank you! And I thought that picture was beehives at first...

  19. Broadstairs... and old haunt of mine. When I worked near there often spent evenings there ... haven't been there now since a cold May Day a few years back... interestingly it is easier to get mobile phone coverage on the beach there from Belgium operators than UK ones!

  20. joanne
    they had the chips

  21. man cannot live on Ryvita alone ;-)


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