Saturday, 14 July 2012

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The Male Voice Choir in Canada in the 70s
Nowadays the audience of  the Trelawnyd Male Voice Choir's Summer concert which is held at the village Hall is predominantly made up of "friends of the choir" from all over the North Wales coast. Having said this, there was still a fairly good show from the villagers in support of the performance, which is designed as a showcase for young musical talent from the county as well as a bit of a homage to the village that gave the choir it's name
It was a good do! with many Welsh classics being belted out as well some more interesting pieces
such as this little ditty from Les Miserables

But I must admit I did smile to myself when at the interval after I heard an English woman complain to her husband  that the welsh soprano sang all her songs in Welsh. A woman behind her ventured in a stage whisper ( and with her  tongue very well placed in her cheek) "Her second song was in Italian my dear!"
A lovely evening


  1. Sounds like a wonderful concert, and that English woman's complaint with the other woman's retort is simply priceless!

  2. Beautiful song. I love the slide show. Funny that the lady corrected her.

  3. Lovely!

    Q - 15 seconds into the video there is a 'farm scene' - behind the buildings there is an almost complete circle in the field with a raised mound in the centre ....!!!

    Any thoughts or ideas about what that may be?

  4. I love a good Welsh male voice choir. It must be the Welsh in me that gives me goose bumps.

    JohnD, it's probably a burial mound..

  5. Absolutely beautiful - both the choir and the film! Awesome...

  6. Love that first photo. They sold out? How? Did they start singing Justin Bieber numbers? ;-)

  7. Oh thats so funny , i wish i was sat next to the lady. I do like a welsh choir myself.

  8. Tears in my eyes, I feel closer to Heaven after hearing those angelic voices lifted. Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. Needed to hear that.


  9. Hope you're all doing well, John. Have a great week!


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