Thursday, 19 July 2012

Love A Duck

Well, we have been sifting though the massive post bag which contains the "ducking naming" entries throughout the early part of our train journey. The lady opposite quite likes some of the more " fluffy bunny" names put forward so far, unlike Chris who has merely raised his Roger Moore eyebrow when I told him that Mr Fox suggested naming the ducklings Daryl and Carol from the WALKING DEAD. His précis on the whole competition has been a succinct comment of "Bloody saddos" Nuff said! So keep em coming dear readers.... Foreign winners will receive some deliciously expensive handcrafted greetings cards from our sister village of Dyserth..(Chris says they look as though they come from a special needs workshop) while...Uk winners will win some genuine Trelawnyd honey.... Right....have to go....IPad is running out of juice and I need to play with the embarrassing toilet doors on virgin trains.......


  1. You have an iPad? I'm impressed.

  2. It's Chris' Tom....I am only allowed to use it under STRICT supervision

  3. bloggers love a compettition!

  4. Lady M has an iPad. Am I supposed to be impressed too?

  5. I think my husband would have said something similar to Chris!

  6. Anonymous11:03 am

    Well lets see what my fevered brain can come up with this morning:
    pete and repete
    fluff and feathers
    me and you
    nip and tuck
    foie and gras (oh that's mean) about
    clark and lois (only if they are super ducks though)
    okay..enough for now.

  7. Ducky Doo and Doo Ducky (Doo Ducky Doo! lol)

    "Bernadette" and "Mitzi" for Terence Stamp's role as Ralph Waite/Bernadette Bassinger and Hugo Weaving's Anthony "Tick" Belrose/Mitzi Del Bra in Priscilla, Queen of the desert.

  8. Dolly & Darrin ; the Double "D" Ducks? Ha, double "d" as in Dolly Parton?

  9. "Grumpy pants"....oh no...that's Chris!!!
    Jane xxx

  10. My creative juices haven't awakened yet, or my eyes, brain, feet, nose etc.

    Kitty and Pup?
    Sh*t and Sh*t 2?

    Sherlock and Watson?
    Useless and Moore?

    Good Thursday to ya!

  11. I don't know whether they are male or female but -

    Florence and Clementine
    Matilda and Maisy
    Dahlia and Daffodil
    Splish and Splash
    Bert and Ernie
    Clover and Casper
    Rick and Laurie ;)


  12. what about 1."dead" and

    2."sett" ?

    my reasoning is this:

    when they are 1., their limp bodies will end up outside 2. to be offered to the badger mafia in return for them turning a blind eye to the feast on offer each evening at the field opposite B y LLan.

  13. let's see what else i have...

    holmes and watson
    boodle and bumtrinket (tip to Gerard; i had also thought of widdle and puke but so had someone else)
    puke and snot (as widdle and puke are already on the list)
    tarzan and jane
    clarence and beatrice
    Fortnum and Mason
    Tom and Jerry
    Ben and Jerry
    Rubber and Just

  14. Chris is obviously a "sad sack"; more proof that opposites attract!

  15. barnaby and burgho ? i will give a prize if you guess who they were !!

  16. Another. Enough.

    (first name's for you and the second's for Chris)

  17. Samson and Delilah

    back to blogging again!!

    Gill in Canada

  18. Just thought if they are both the same sex you could use:

    Wiggles and Waddles....


  19. Thought crispy and fried is a brilliant suggestion.[made me laugh anyway]

    As they are escapees how about Bonnie & Clyde?

  20. What a whopping lot of excellent suggestions! I do not envy you having to make the choice.

  21. I second Hannah's Splish and Splash.

  22. Embarrassing toilet doors on virgin trains? I think I might have missed something.

  23. Sean and Roger

    To go with the 007/Roger Moore eyebrow lift.

  24. ooh! Odd couple reference (in honor of you and Chris)

    Oscar and Felix

  25. Never read a truer heading than yours today John - those two ducks have really fallen on their feet I would say.

  26. Saddos indeed. Doesn't Chris realise this is a matter of supreme national importance? Choose the wrong names and the entire village of Trelawnyd could become a laughing stock....

  27. Gaz and Di xxxxx

  28. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Ooooh ... just thought of it.....Charles and Camilla.

  29. Fuzzy Duck & Ducky Fuzz LOL

  30. Charlotte and Emily - the Brontes :-)

  31. Luva (duck) and Giva (duck). Best I can do if I'm not allowed to be smutty. Both are gender neutral not that it matters, I had a female rabbit called Benjamin and I cant say she was bothered.

  32. Anonymous8:27 pm

    "Pete" and "Repeat"
    "Les" and "Mary" (Les Paul/Mary Ford)
    "Fibber McGee" and "Molly"
    "Gladys" and "Pip" (Gladys Knight and the Pips)
    "Bonnie" and "Clyde"
    "Agusta" and "Agaila" (Winn...friends of my Dad's family...not sure how to spell was a play on the last time Winn/Wind!!!...which kind of fits with the day you "kidnapped" or was that rescued the ducklings ;))

  33. The amount of willies I have seen and women with the skirts hitched up on virgin train automatic toilet doors, you wouldn't believe.

  34. Bubbles and Squeak
    Lenny and Squiggy
    Lucy and Ethel and/or Desi and/or Fred depending on sexes
    Darrell and other brother Darrell


  35. Ok last attempt. How about Scuba and Splash ? Unisex names, its the best i can do. Thought dont discount previous attempts !

  36. I now have 12 favourites from 9 people.....names in a hat and restults printed on sat!!!

  37. Hope your trip is going well, John. :o)

  38. God can't get those yellow feathered big billed flat footed ducks out of my head. Woke up this morning and thought Doris.... my late gran's name and the name of an invisible thing on the program Why Don't You. You may remember this kids program it was a long time ago;-) For the other fat yellow duck Dolly inspired by the feisty lady in the tv series Widows.

    Doris & Dolly


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