Sunday, 15 July 2012

In Memoriam Celeste Holm

Hollywood's favourite best friend actress, Celeste Holm died today at the age of 95
I always liked her as a performer.....of course I would as she starred in my very favourite film ALL ABOUT EVE, were she played Margo Channing's gentle best mate Karen.

The scenes between her and Bette Davis, in my opinion are some of the best in the film as the actors captured perfectly the way the real friends "dovetail" together so naturalistically...
this was not mean feat as The Turner Classic website notes

" Bette gained a new enemy in Celeste Holm who found Davis' behaviour extremely rude from start to finish. On one of the first days of shooting, recalls Holm, she innocently said to Davis, "Good Morning." "Oh, shit," replied Davis, "good manners." Holm was extremely offended. Though they played best friends convincingly while the cameras were rolling, Holm made a point to never speak to Davis off the set again. The feeling was mutual."

Shame on the BBC website..... not a mention


  1. Goodness, I want to say I hate to read about her death but she lived a wonderful life and to a ripe old age. Thanks for blogging about this, John, or Lord only knows when I'd have heard.

  2. she was one of my favourites too, John. She appeared to be a gentle soul.
    As for Bette, what is there to say except that maybe being a bitch helps one in this career. Loved her too!

  3. According to reports she ended her days not speaking to her sons and not being able to pay her bills. It might have to do with her much younger husband.

  4. In later years she was very active in the Friends of Central Park and did a lot to promote that group.
    Great lady!

  5. Yes, she was one of those 'second billing' actresses who one always thought should have been the star. She appeared to be a genuinely nice person. RIP.

  6. If I hadn't found out from you John, I wouldn't have known. 95 that's an accomplishment in itself. I thought she was a beautiful lady.

    Davis? Yuk phooey!

  7. The very first truly famous person I ever interviewed, back in 1981. She was charming of course.

  8. I'm not familiar with Celeste Holm at all. Sounds like I've missed something.

    Not the only example of actors who feign a warm relationship on set while they're fighting tooth and nail behind the scenes....


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