Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Coming Down

 Note Bene's account of how he participated in the Opening Ceremony of The Olympic games makes for an interesting read.With all of the build up, the camaraderie,the excitement, and the adulation of  most of the watching UK population, I am now wondering just how Mr Bene is coping with getting back to some normality now that inflatable chimneys have been  packed away and Mr Brannah has returned to filming his award winning Wallender?
It must be hard......very hard!
We all enjoy having a challenge.
We all enjoy producing something that we are proud of
and to some small extent, I am sure that there is a bit of a showman in all of us.

Yesterday I stopped to have a chat with Basil, a local farmer
He asked me if I was holding my Allotment Open Day this year. He is a the sixth or seventh person to ask me this over the past week or so and I think he was slightly disappointed when I told him that for this year only I have given the open day a miss.
In some ways I regret my decision now. The build up to the day, the jaunty sense of community that I think it generated and the sense of achievement we all had when nearly fifteen hundred quid had been raised for the church and for motor neurone Disease,  are all very addictive positive strokes that elicit purpose and a sense of pride.
Despite, everything, I know, I have missed the challenge of it all this year.

The 2011 Open Day


  1. We watched all on iPlayer last night - I thought it was great. BTW - you have fallen for the same mistake as I did before I was corrected by Sarah Toa - I think you mean 'elicit' , not 'illicit'?!

  2. You tell him, Tom!

    You'd have had to change the wording this year to 'Come and see my bosoms'!

  3. *cking hell is this a blog ENTRY or is this a GCSE essay in need of punctuation ?

  4. John...it is indeed hard to return to normality after weeks and weeks of growing excitement and the performance itself. Fortunately I have the soundtrack now to keep listening on a loop!

    As for your Allotment Open Day...there's always next year...

  5. John, you missed a couple of commas in your comment...

  6. You should re-think your plans for the Allotment Open Day and get Danny Boyle in to create the opening ceremony.

    I can see it now - giant sticks of celery rising out of the ground and lines of dancing geese and hens.

  7. Anonymous12:39 pm

    You've had a chockerblock full year John...you probably could use a break.

  8. sp
    now THAT'S an idea!

  9. Ha ! I would be in huge trouble for all my errors and grammar in my blog posts ! Stay away Tom Stephenson ...lol

  10. Don't beat yourself up...people will be all the more eager next year!
    Jane x

  11. I watched the opening ceremony on Iplayer, I loved it especially the representation on the Tor, although it was odd seeing a tree on top instead of St Michaels tower, the view which greets me every day.

    I loved Shooting Parrots suggestion hee hee

  12. I got to watch it on NBC and apparently they left out quite a bit. Did they use the sheep and the dogs during the agrarian part? Almost every view was the entire statium or a couple of people from the waist up. I so wanted to see the dogs herding the sheep! (And to see the sheep in total panic mode unless they've been really sensitized to the sound!)

  13. "*cking hell is this a blog ENTRY or is this a GCSE essay in need of punctuation ?"

    It's got *ck-all to do with punctuation, and all to do with spelling - with associated meanings. I never comment on punctuation or spelling, unless I have been pulled up on the same score.

    Calm down, dear.

  14. And another thing - get your 'reply' button sorted out, you old queen.


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