Monday, 25 June 2012

Tall ones at the back please!

I love this photo
I love group photos period.
They amuse me
The recent bad weather has taken it's toll on the pensioner hens this month, I have lost five of my original girls who were all over six years old in just 2 weeks
The above photo is a collection of the Crackhead whores and the rescue hens

The photo has set me up for the day as I am gearing myself up for a bit of a bunfight down at the Nat West Bank this morning as my wages did not go into my account last Thursday.
We are living on a technical knife edge in the modern day computer "APP" age are we not?
All it takes is a computer f*ck up, and "goodbye civilisation, Hello Dark ages"....
Granny had a the best idea.......she put her cash under the mattress....
Anyhow, I hope that the Bank staff are better informed than the "lady" from the Nat West call centre I spoke to on Friday .All she kept saying is that she had not idea what was in fact happening.....
an honest answer for sure....but a useless one all told.

In the 1980s I was a bank clerk in Rhyl's Nat West. That was before the internet banking age, where our massive works computers resembled something out of a poor  Science Fiction movie.
Every bank had a manager, sub manager and an extensive staff of clerks to support it and the, there will be just three white faced saucer eyed staff to face the worried and the disappointed general public this morning......
and  all the computer will say is "no!"


  1. fab photo....and good luck at the bank....time to go back under the mattress no??

  2. Ace picture - made my day - good luck with your banking - Jane

  3. Love the photo, including the camera-shy stragglers at the back! What a lot of birds in one place! Computer says "no", eh? Good luck with that.

  4. What a nightmare. I wonder how many people have been pushed over the edge as a result of that crash. Those chickens have got the right idea - eggs in one basket, etc.

  5. My hens refuse to say 'cheese'. Yours are obviously much better trained.

  6. A brilliant photo - Nat West needs to snap out of it!

  7. Great photo, it looks like they're sorting themselves out before the final take!

  8. Wonderful photograph! Who has been plucking the turkey?

  9. Great photo John, but I'm sorry about the losses you've had lately.

    I hope you get the bank issues sorted out--I put that right up there with car and problems!

  10. I think you should take a chicken, a turkey or a slightly hysterical runner duck to the bank with you. That might make them look into the problem much faster. If you were closer I'd go in with you. I would leave goat berries on the floor for them. PFFFFFFT. Tee hee.

  11. Good luck at the bank. I am sure they will figure out the problem. Meanwhile, though, these little glitches in life can cause such angst.

  12. That turkey is good at multi-tasking - it grows up pre-plucked and ready for the oven.

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  14. Definitely keep it under the mattress - at least that doesn't charge 'costs'

  15. Banks uggg that says it all pretty much. And direct deposit, hate that. Give me the good old days when you got your paycheck in hand thank you very much! John did you see our new furry friend :).

  16. jean
    I feel sorry for the more junior staff that have to face the public but I dont feel sorry for the senior staff and banks themselves.. they charge me an arm and a leg to bank with them.. I just hope they will waver some of these charges for the mess that THEIR computer system made...I was unable to access any funds on friday, I could not get into a branch to sort it (rural living) and my animals needed feeding...

  17. Oh John, love the group shot ! Awesome. Lots of luck at the bank; recently had a junior teller count my money 1/2 of what it was ... scary as really some of them do NOT know how to count. Then arriving home found she had deposited my money, then took the same amt from another acct as well. One phone call "fixed" it all thank goodness. Everyone has to start somewhere, however we still need to be on our toes !

  18. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Uh Oh...hope they can sort things out for you.
    Love the "family" grouping.

  19.'re another NatWest victim eh? They say they'll put it all right and no one will be out of pocket...but that misses the point I think.

    Love the's a corker!

  20. My favorite photo of you. Blue is your color. You LOOK young and innocent.

    Pleased the christening went so well. Gorgeous church. Looks like a lovely day all around.

  21. Best of British!
    Jane x

  22. I imagine your feathered friends in the group photo becoming a YouTube hit with their rendition of "Old McDonald"
    Old McDonald had a bank
    And in that bank he had a computer
    With a glitch glitch here and a virus there
    Here a glitch, there a virus, everywhere a glitch glitch virus...

    Wonder how big RBS leader Stephen Hester's bonus will be after this almighty fuck-up. Didn't the RBS "scour the world" for the best talent? Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. They must have scoured Ebbw Vale instead!

  23. My own family with supposedly more brains than a turkey, would not pose as nicely!

  24. What a lovely "family" photo. Sorry about the hens you lost but it looks like you still have a good flock!

  25. Hope the egg-eating hen was among the fallen.

  26. I simply love this photo, was you dangling spaghetti from a stick in order to get everyone in place ?
    I can't stop smiling ;)

    I too worked as a bank teller at Midland Bank, when mistakes were made, things were easily fixed, sadly not the case nowadays.
    Computer say "NO" springs to mind.
    Good luck, try not to wear shit-covered pants when you visit with the bank manager, they tend to take offence.

  27. Anonymous4:08 pm

    love the group photo op! sad that so many of your hens have cycled out at the same time.

    I hate computers as much as I love them...I figure the "enemy" would only have to destroy our ability to use our computers...personal, commercial, military and giant countries would come crunching to their's a scary thought about how much we, as a world, depend on the PC!

    that being said, hope all goes well at the'll probably have better luck with the computers than with the human looking flunkies!

  28. Lovely group photo. Sorry about your old girls going, although six is quite old for a hen is it not? Happy hens, happy eggs.

    I am one of five in my company who still demand an actual paycheck (cheque). It usually arrives a day or two after payday. Once it was very late so i called to enquire. The HR person told me then i was one of five and that i really ought to get direct deposit. Um, no. I worked in banks for nearly nine years, i told her. I could tell you scary stories about the statistical outliers for whom direct deposit did not work. But, i won't.

    Turns out the person who was supposed to mail the paycheques was on holiday and no one thought to drop them in the mail.

    Fortunately, i keep a cushion in my account so if there's some mixup i can write out cheques (yes, the paper ones) and know they won't bounce.

    The vacationing paycheque sender took the same week off the following year, and i once again enquired, this time asking if she were out of office because it doesn't seem that the cheque is in the mail.

    So twice i was inconvenienced in over 11 years. Direct depositors have had to contend with several name changes that also included a change in banks so all the routing numbers needed to be updated. There was also the bimonthly to biweekly then back to bimonthly pay schedule that wreaked havoc with automatic payments.

    Good luck with the bank, John. If any of your automatic payments have been cancelled as a result of this screw-up, don't forget to ask NatWest to write letters to each one explaining the error.

  29. FAMILY! Great photo John.
    Banks are the same here in Canada. They make one wait to get your own money out! And make it appear that THEY are doing YOU the favour! Somethings has gone askew!!

  30. Knowing you John (well I think I know you) it is a wonder you have not brought your old girls indoors near the fire in this horrible weather if they keep on dying.

  31. A tiskit, a taskit, a green and yellow pay stub-it
    I gave my money to the bank, and now they've gone and lost-it.

    I do hope it comes back soon.

  32. Boy, I know what you are feeling. Good luck with the financial problems, John.
    Technology sucks lemons some days.

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your chickens, too. Love the photo though. Especially the runner ducks in back. :o)

  33. The CW's look in fine fettle. In view of the banks ongoing uncertainties and glitches, I think a lot more people are stuffing their hard earned cash under the bed these days. Hope the Nat West glitch gets sorted soon.

  34. The Natwest computer glitch is the most horrible mess and God knows how many people are suffering serious financial problems because of it. Such a colossal failure is very unusual though and I can't help wondering if it's some kind of sabotage - maybe by a disgruntled Natwest employee? I still think my money is safer in the bank than under the mattress - burglars, fire, floods etc etc.

    These group photos are all the same - there's always some bolshy individual who won't look in the right direction....

  35. I keep most of my cash in a safe at home, not the bank.

    LOVE the photo.


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