Saturday, 26 May 2012

Where there's no sense there's no feeling

Theresa and Jane

I have long thought that when an animal is injured or sick, , 
the dumber it is, the more likely a prognosis will be good.
This is especially true of animals that have experienced catastrophic injuries or infections.
Theresa is a case in point.
Weeks ago I found a festering infected injury under her wing.
This was a result of some strenuous lovemaking by Boris and Bingley, who unfortunately could not rein in their sharp dinosaur claws at the the apex of passion.
The injury looked necrotic to me and smelled dreadful.
I cleaned it with a strong antiseptic,then sprayed the whole area with purple antibacterial spray and left her in her own run with the slate female Jane for company.
Now Theresa has all the brains of an average rice pudding.
She eats, she sleeps and she walks.
That's it! 
She does very little else....oh apart from getting mildly excited once in a blue moon over a few spoonfuls of dog food and even then her excitement only manifests itself with a ever so slight quickening of her usual plodding amble.
If she were human.... she would be  Miss Scofield in Alan Bennett's play A Woman Of No Importance

Yet, I do have a soft spot for the old girl. She was a charity case several years ago and arrived in the field sat vacantly in the boot of a farmer's car, she was thick as mince then and is thick as mince now.... but there is always something quite sweet about an animal who merely "plods along " in life.........and  so yesterday I decided to check on the state of the wound and if it was no better, I would arrange, with my brother in law, to have her culled.
She sat blinking stupidly in my arms when I cornered her and with a heavy heart I raised her wing to have a look at the infected wound.
But there was nothing there....absolutely NOTHING.A few purple feathers and some pink skin that was all.....the wound had vanished.
Not a huge deal in the great scheme of things I know..... but it's nice to have a little victory just once in a while.............


The weather has been so kind today, so we got the "queeny"tea cups out and had a rather spiffing lunch in full view of our amused neighbours!
working tonight!


  1. Are you marketing 'Purple Wing Spray'? I could use some for my knee!

  2. Those little victories are all the sweeter when there has been a a run of crap outcomes for a bit!

  3. You don't think she is much cleverer than you give her credit for? Some people are like that - they give the impression of being thick as two planks but underneath they are plotting serious stuff. She hasn't done so bad for herself has she - and now she has added the fact that you feel good about her to her list of successes.

  4. It's veru encouraging when things go right.

  5. That sounded like a BIG victory.

  6. A very sweet tale and a BIG victory!

  7. Just like our drake!
    Not the brightest star in the firmament by a long chalk...dozy.
    He'd been mauled by a jaguar - must have been a thick jaguar as it didn't haul him away but sat around long enough for us to hear the noise and come running - and looked dreadful, but dry penicillin on his wounds and the purple spray and into his pen where he lay shocked for an hour or so, then came back to life, started eating and has never looked back.

  8. Small victories are the best...

  9. Hooray for healing!! :)

    And nice teacups!

  10. Anonymous1:07 pm

    So glad Theresa is doing well. I too am just plodding through life. Nice to know there are benefits.
    Loved your pretty lunch setting. The neighbours will all be jealous.

  11. the "rice pudding" comment had be in perfect...and "Queenie cups"..hope you held your pinkie high!

  12. The 'wound' was more likely an allergic reaction to her deodorant!

  13. Nice little victory.

    So, who cares about the neighbors? It looks like a nice lunch.

    Have a good night.

  14. "working tonight"... hope that's the reason for tea not wine.
    Jane x

  15. John I enjoy how you just carry on carrying on. At least,that's what you tell us, and it's good.

  16. Glad the wound's healed. A good day for tea on the lawn.

  17. I love the expression, "Thick as mince". I'm glad your girl turkey is doing well. Of course, much of that is due to you being a observant caretaker and finding the wound and then treating it. Good job!

  18. A kind heart has warmed mine.

  19. I'm so happy to hear the wound had healed, she seems like such a sweet girl 'just plodding along in life'.

    Lovely weather and lunch outside, perfect !

    How are your 'bits' after the steeplechase wall ?

  20. thank you laura!
    how's your little house?
    sore groin! nothing more x

  21. I'm glad the treatment worked so well on Theresa's wound. Something to be said for plodders like her--i can't help feeling they are content with their lot in life, desire no other, and just get on with things.

    Love the "queeny" tea cups, and nice spread you had for lunch.

    Hope work goes well this evening for you.

  22. I too am 'just plodding through life'. And I quite like it that way at my age!

    I do have to protest your title though: surely even those of us who plod are still quite capable of feeling paid. And Joy. And certainly Love...


  23. HOoray for the Plodders!

    I love your Queeny cups, and plates, and having lunch outside. The neighbors are surely jealous.

  24. Don't you just love it when things turn out right. For a turkey she may be very smart. Don't forget boredom has a lot to do with intelligence.

  25. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Theresa clearly my long lost twin. If I ever had one. Which I doubt. "She eats, she sleeps and she walks." That's all you need to get you through life. Who needs a brain? In fact, have come to conclusion that sleep is not to be underrated. My doctor told me that sleep deprivation may cause symptoms similar to drunkenness. Excellent.

    Wish I could have joined you at your al fresco lunch.


  26. Did you miss your vocation as a vet?????

  27. I will have to remember that phrase, thick as mince. I like that better than some I have used... Or had used on me. AHEM. I am pleased for your victory, and that looked like a very nice lunch!


  28. we got the "queeny"tea cups out and had a rather spiffing lunch in full view of our amused neighbours!

    How delightfully British :-)

  29. Excellent news there John. Sadly no turkey breast for your alfresco lunch though.

    My neighbour has white turkeys plodding around too and they are also rather dim. Maybe that's for the best when you think of where that breed usually live their lives.

  30. I think my brother-in-law qualifies in that same category as your foul.
    Not much upstairs at all and no reason that he should have survived the last 6 years. But somehow, without a liver or many other parts that we seem to need. He's doing just fine.
    Still stupid though.

  31. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I totally agree with does appear that ignorance is bliss! At last a healing!

    What a lovely meal you two had in full view of your amused neighbors...interesting about the amused bit...I gather they never eat outside(?)!!!

  32. LOL I say that all the time to my hubby when he says he doesn't know when or how he got the new bump or cut on his noggin! I learned that from my Geordie Nana :) That's wonderful that Theresa's wound healed so well...and a happy surprise for you. Good going! I hope you have another nice day tomorrow..I think it's still a holiday there? No matter..have a good one. Maura :)


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