Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rate My Sausage

My Sausages
This was one of the many comments I received on yesterday's blog entry

Rate My Sausage said...

Good morning esteemed Blogger,
It’s Simon here, from Rate My Sausage, England’s second best sausage blog.

Completely random approach, but I wonder if you’d consider writing a guest review for Rate My Sausage? The style and content could be anything you fancied. A couple of hundred words and at least one digital image are all we ask for! I’m trying to gain reviews from people and blogs with completely different agendas, and your excellent place fits the bill perfectly.

Would you be interested in contributing? Of course I’ll fully link in to any websites you wish.
Thank you for reading, hope you have a fab Thursday!

Is Simon flirting? was this a subtle thinly veiled "Carry on" double entendre ?
Does Simon really want to see my sausage?
Nope! looking at his website it looks as though he may actually want a PORK review
F*CKING HELL....I need a sleep.......
The real question must be asked though before I rest my weary head and that is......what is England;s FIRST and foremost Sausage blog?
Answers on a postcard p---l---e----a---s---e!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with this one John! You can do it, just don't panic or go out of kilter when thinking about sausages in general. x

  2. A Chinese Faux-Viagra site, one presumes!

  3. If anyone is an expert on sampling sausage John, it's YOU!

  4. does a veggie sausage count?

  5. Exactly, Chris. I remember your sausage post very clearly John. YOU are the No.1 sossieblogger!
    (Well, that's unless it's this odd lady:
    Or this blog about home-made sossies:

  6. It may be worth it for several pounds of free sausages....although could you trust a package like that in the post.....

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I've always liked the Wall's brand, they make the BEST sausage rolls ;)

  9. I can't wait his response after reading this post

  10. A sausage blog - who knew?

  11. Totally clueless on England's foremost sausage blog, John; but I do love your blog!

  12. ROFL
    sausages. out of kilt[er]. Chinese faux-Viagra. expert on sausage sampling.
    ohhhhh it's early in the morning to be on this run but I'm lovin it :-)

  13. My friend's son-in-law (daughter's parner but I don't know what the in law version of that is!) has a pork blog. Who knew?
    Jane x

  14. well, well, well. The perfect opportunities to write about the little piggies that, well you, the ones that you so enjoyed...

  15. Hilarious! But please, be serious now. Grant the sausage man some dignity and give him his review.

  16. Anonymous2:13 pm

    These requests out of the blue are disturbing aren't they?

  17. You could title it "21"

  18. Have you got any brown sauce to go with that sausage?

  19. I wish I'd known about this blog before as I had some tasty Italian sausage while we were in Vegas. Very spicy and I'm not not sure where I might take this single entendre!

  20. "Of course I’ll fully link in to any websites you wish."

    Do you think this pun is intended?

  21. Anonymous6:14 pm

    You know, John, and more is the pity: Some people are serious. Seriously.

    I myself would take that sausage with a spoonful of mustard.

    What sends my alarm bells ringing, as it should yours: England's SECOND best. What sort of countdown is that?

    Sweet dreams,

  22. Porking bangers! Phwoar!

  23. I had a look at the Rate My Sausage blog.

    Dunno what England's first and foremost Sausage blog is.

    Do you think they might like to hear about your terriers rolling in chicken sh*t and Albert sharting??

    You deliver eggs to the village, but it's not as if you're suddenly going to offer #12 and #21 sausages to the world at large.

  24. That's a clever way to get more traffic, Rate my Sausage will be getting lots of curious visitors from John's blog!

  25. Britain's foremost sausage blog is run by an old Etonian called Gideon Osborne from Paddington, London. I think it's called "Adventures With a Cocktail Sausage" and is I believe quite lurid though it's not the sort of blog I'm drawn to.

  26. YP
    you never fail to make me smile

  27. Anonymous7:06 am

    Well, Simon seems very entrepreneurial in a blogging kind of way. I assume he's trying to up traffic to his site and wonder how many other blogs he left that cleverly-worded-to-sound-personal-but-actually-quite-generic-invitation-for-a-guest-review on?

    Lovely photo by the way. I, myself, am more attracted to them when they sizzle.


  28. before you beat me to the punchline I was ALSO wondering about the first sausage blog.... unfortunately.... and no pun intended.... here's the links!

  29. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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