Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello Wall

The last line of act one of the play Shirley Valentine always resonates with me more than any other.
Sat with her suitcase in her kitchen, our heroine anxiously waits for the taxi to take her to the airport.
Breathlessly  she says something like
"what time is my flight?....
........around half past five?"
"and what time is it now?"
she looks at her watch all stressed and sweaty
"......a quarter past eleven"
Curtains fall to great applause.

I have similar sensibilities. I cannot be late for anything.
It's a control thing.
But I am not as bad as Shirley Valentine.......well....... just yet!

It's 8.30am
The Cottage is all spick and span
The animals are all fed and watered
My clothes for the day are all ironed
and my bag is all packed
My train goes to Sheffield at noon!
Hey Ho


  1. I too am NEVER late. In fact frequently so early I have to go for a walk around the block or something. Have a wonderful break.

  2. I'll be looking out for you. I was surprised to wake up to a lovely sunny morning here in Th Steel City but I'm not sure it's going to last.

  3. I am quite possibly the worst in the world at this John - I have a pathological fear of being late, so am always too early and then have to hang around. I have been known to decide to go and buy a paperback on the station at the last minute to alleviate the boredom and thus nearly miss the train.

    Ah - Shirley Valentine - one of my all time favourite films. I think there is a bit of the Shirley Valentines in every woman, just as there is a bit of the Educating Ritas.

  4. I had it BEATEN into me at school; you can set your watch by me!

  5. "I have similar sensibilities. I cannot be late for anything."

    Me too John. I couldn't bear for anyone to think I'm can't be relied upon.

    Have a great trip!

  6. I hate being late too, but I'm so good at it--It's one of my talents! My license plate on my car used to read "L8RLOST" (late or lost) I'm good at being lost too...

    Have a good time and remember don't talk to strangers! :-)

  7. I'm not eating..... chips..... and egg!!

  8. >My clothes for the day are all ironed

    Are you unwell?

    Have a nice day,


  9. I go with Cro - the Marist teaching Brothers instilled timeliness and discipline into you and belted it in with a long piece of rattan cane that they hid in the long pocket of their Soutan.

  10. I'm afraid I fall into the "rush out the door at the last minute" category. I do try to be more time efficient, but it just doesn't work. Have a lovely time ... :0) x

  11. I like being on time, but my hubby has an obsession with time and we always have to be early - really early.

    I pulled a Shirley Valentine once, but I came home. Those Greek islands can sure lure you in.

  12. I love Shirley Valentine... love, love, love that chubby sweaty wonderful woman.

    Happy trails!

  13. I am always a bit early as I too hate to be late but fortunately can fill the waiting time with people watching. Enjoy your trip to Sheffield, so much to do. Great city.

  14. Anonymous12:58 pm


  15. I hope you are enjoying your jaunt.
    Stop watching the clock and have fun.

  16. I'm the same. Hubby likes to skid through the door a few minutes late....drives me nuts, so I'm a nervous wreck when we have to be somewhere together.
    Jane x

  17. I also hate to be late for things. It just seems so rude to roll up 20 minutes late with the other person wondering where you are.

    My father in law got so anxious about deadlines he would be closing his suitcase ready to go to the airport about six hours ahead of time.

  18. I just hope you have a more fashionable hat! Safe travels and healing of your heart.

  19. Have yourself a wonderful time !
    I've always loved Shirley Valentine, so down-to-earth, and 'Northern'.

  20. Another Shirley Valentine fan here.

    I was always prompt, except when coming home from somewhere--invariably detained because of one thing or another.

    Then i met Himself, and he always runs late. Used to drive me mad, and then i felt that if we were going to be late, i could do myself a favour and look at little things i could do around the house whilst waiting for him.

    He's not terribly late, and he's prompt for work, weddings, and funerals. It's just the social clock where the lad lags.

  21. We are still mostly that way. Needing to be early to be on time.
    And sometimes we forget things while doing that, haha!
    Have fun, John!

  22. Listen Shirley, have a great time! And don't worry about a thing!

  23. I'm never late either but BEING late IS a control thing - I've had people do it to me for years 'til I stopped waiting !

    Have fun x

  24. Enjoy your trip and may it bring your smile back to your face!

    said the lady who is ALWAYS late.
    (and NOT proud of it ~ in fact quite ashamed ~ but truly seems helpless to do anything about it!)

  25. By the time this comment goes up you'll be there. John have a great relaxing time with your friends.

  26. Sorry, couldn't organise the sunshine for you, but I hope you have a lovely lovely time in town. xxxx

  27. I'm glad for you that you get to have a bit of change of pace. Live it up!! And don't dare to return without some pics!

  28. Have a good trip! Just caught up on your blog. Very sorry!

  29. I loved Shirley Valentine!, the movie that is!

    Now you be a good boy, eh?


  30. Just remember John..."Boat is boat..."!
    Have a wonderful time.
    BTW love, love, love the Terriers of Trelawnyd photo.


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