Monday, 28 May 2012

50 going on 13

I am re watching the second series of The Walking Dead on channel 5
How Geeky am I?
My mother in law is buying me the first series for my 50th
How sad is that? I think, she thinks it is a detective series

It will be one of my best pressies

I have already received some fantastic pressies even though by birthday is on Friday
SO thank you Nia for a genuine 1962 Times newspaper ( the year of my birth)
Thank you Mike and Bev for an afternoon tea in a swanky Hotel
and thank you Janet for a meal at Osborn House

it's all me me me me me !


  1. brilliant..... wish my mum would buy me something that I like - i.e. she once knitted me a Roland Rat sweater.... I think I was in my twenties!!!

  2. AF
    apart from you and my best mate Mike...... no one else will ever understand this post!

  3. In the words of the old Clairol commercial "You're not get older, you're getting better".

    Sounds like a great birthday present.

    I want the MI5-Spooks boxed set because I'm a Harry groupie. Now if only my kids would figure it out....

  4. Gosh, in 1962 I really was going on 13. Happy birthday, kid.

  5. thanks geo
    I needed that!

  6. 50th ...???? you are just a baby! lol!

  7. ps - In 1962 I was just returning from my first trip O/S to UK and Europe!

  8. In June 1962 I was four months old!
    You lucky Ba$t@rd..all those gifts....I had a broken arm on my 50th.
    Jane x

  9. As it should be on one's 50th!!! It's all gravy from this point on John!
    I was in 8th grade in 1962! A great year, that!

  10. You are such a kid! I got married the first time in '62

    Nice present, I hope you don't wear them out!

  11. Wow, presents before the event. You must be special. Well, we already knew that.

  12. 1962? Wow, I wasn't even born yet!!!!

    Happy Birthday, hope you get everything you want (and I too LOVE Walking Dead...I don't think my 2nd Man gets it, but he watches it...I think just to please me. But I notice when I read something new about the next season and I share it, he doesn't seem quite as excited as I. Ha. Hope you have many happy hours of watching it.

    All my best!

  13. Oh to be so young. It was my cat's birthday yesterday. Roll on Friday!

  14. Anonymous7:50 am

    Birthdays should always cover at least a week. And a 50th? Perhaps a week and a half. Here's wishing you a happy, happy birthday to come John, and no zombies to threaten the celebration! (Except for those in The Walking Dead, Season 1, and that adorable little green one on your finger. Is that your finger in the photo? Did you REALLY take the time to paint that brilliant little two-finger reign of terror? If so I am very, VERY impressed. Your standing has just gone up about three notches in my book.)


  15. I was fifty once, but then they changed how they measure IQ.

    I felicitate you on your annual incrementation. The more candles you need on your cake each year the bigger the cake must be to hold them ...

  16. oooh I wonder what I'll get for mine next year ?! Posh tea out sounds nice.

    Not many sleeps to go now John...

  17. well it's all downhill from here John, so enjoy it while you can ha ha

  18. Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini -- my birthday is exactly two weeks after yours -- and I'll be 17 years older than you. But hey for the whole year -- until about a month ago, I've been thinking I was a year older than I was -- so now I really am!! :-)

  19. Early happy birthday in case I forget.

    '62 was a bloody good vintage dear heart!

    They've started asking me what I want... not a bloody lot really I have what I really want, sobriety today and the loveliest family in the world.

    My Mrs suggested a balloon ride! I suffer badly with vertigo - has she been looking at the policies again?

  20. Excellent!! A friend in my knitting group celebrates her birthday month. Seems that you're starting a bit early, but it's always nice to have a leg up on these things.

  21. 1962 good...1961 excellent! I must see this series, I feel I'm missing out

  22. I remember 50 - that was a good year. Happy birthday, kiddo!

  23. Yes, John. It is about you, you, you. You'll only hit this milestone once. Enjoy it! Lane

  24. Yes, John. It is about you, you, you. You'll only hit this milestone once. Enjoy it! Lane


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