Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunnier Thoughts and a Sunny Village

I pulled the last post because I felt that
1. It was all a bit negative
2. I was giving "air time" to a comment that deserved a brief "delete" and nothing more.
still, if I ever meet the person that left it, I will take great delight in bitch slapping her senseless
If you hadn't read the last post, well you have not got a bloody clue what I am banging on about

Mabel remains poorly this morning. I have managed to get her to eat half of one of our homemade sausages and part of a milk soaked bagel, and that was only because the rest of the dogs lined up next to her to have their own small portion.
She's just had her second dose of antibiotics and is sleeping in a sunny spot in the living room

At 10.30 I took the other dogs out around the village.
Its a bright lovely day and the village seemed busier than usual.
Carol , Gwyneth in her electric wheelchair and Peter were chatting by the church, Peter's black Labrador Billy was playing gently with Carol's new Welsh terrier puppy, Seren. Seren means "star" in Welsh.
They told me the latest village news- that another neighbour had sadly suffered a stroke and was in hospital.
I will drop off the lady's elderly husband some eggs a little later.Both had helped me a great deal when I started my Oral history blog

On a bench,outside the Memorial Hall, caretaker Pat was enjoying the sunshine with friend Jean and local character Gordon, from the pensioner bungalows merrily waved his stick at them and at me as I passed!
"How's the family?" he bellowed opening his arms wide at the the dogs, who all crowded around him like hens around corn
"Come to me" he laughed hugging them close and after I had eventually pulled them away he called after me
"Have a lovely day PETER!" he trilled out!
He never gets my name right.

Mrs Jones (Pen-y-Cefn), I could see was fending off two Jehovah's Witnesses at her bungalow door.. she waved at me energetically and closed the door quickly on her two guests after they had turned to see who she was waving at! She's a sharp old coot!

Albert was laying comfortably in the lane when we returned Waiting impatiently for his dinner
He shouldn't be peckish, I saw him eating a baby rabbit at dawn
hey ho


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Nice to see Albert looking so good and back to his rabbit catching ways.

  2. I did read the last post and illness is never an enjoyable pastime for anybody. Glad Mabel is slowly recovering.

  3. Best wishes to Mabel for her continuing recovery - I'm sure the antibiotics will be starting to work their magic soon. Albert's looking like butter wouldn't melt!

  4. Hoping that Mable turns the corner to better heealth soon!

  5. Hopefully, Mabel is faring better today. Dave always said we were running a geriatrics petting zoo; as time passes, he's more and more correct.

  6. There's nothing worse than having a pet that is under the weather - it breaks your heart - you feel so helpless. It's obvious you are doing all you can and I am sure she will soon be on the mend. Your village sounds a nice place to live.

  7. I often don't know what you're banging on about, Peter, but I keep reading for your lovely phraseology. And because I do so enjoy hearing about sick animals.

  8. Woke up in the middle of last night, with 'Mabel' clearly on my mind! Not sure why, but nice to hear that she is still with us. Nice piece about village life as well. In such a few words you painted quite a picture of the folk who share your world.

  9. I loved that little snapshot of your village. For a moment I thought I'd stumbled into 'Under Milkwood' ;-)
    - though I prefer your version....there are more animals in it.....

  10. I am sorry to hear Mabel is not feeling well. I am woefully behind on blog reading.

  11. Didn't get to read 'The Post' but I'm betting it was a cracker.
    Jane x

  12. Enjoyed the walk around the village today. Hope Mabel's meds kick in and she is feeling better soon. Albert looks like he's back to his normal cat self. And, dang, I missed the "post" too!

  13. I kinda like "Peter" it has a quaint 1940's sound to it.

  14. Perhaps you could erect an old shed for stray Jehovah's witnesses. Bed em down with some nice clean straw and chuck in a few waffles every so often. No doubt there'd be squabbles about who was more holy - Moses or Abraham and you'd have to take them to the vet's to get their wounds cleaned up. And anyway what did Jehovah do that was so wrong the court needed such a vast number of witnesses? He must have been an investment banker.

  15. ...and Kath. It's not unusual for women to like "Peter".

  16. Sounds like you live in a very nice community. Glad you got to get out and visit and hope Mabel gets to join in with the visits soon.

  17. It doesn't take much effort to be nice but unfortunately (as the occasional comment will bear witness) it takes a lot less to be an arsehole!! Them's the breaks... I quite liked your previous rant Pete!

  18. Albert looks like my cat.
    You do owe a lot to those folk in the oral history projects. They've given up their life to you, yes?
    Sometimes it's hard to remember that we owe them so much.
    Nice post John. x

  19. Well, at least Gordon didn't call you Stanley.

    That's it! Your alias can be Peter Stanley.

    I missed the last post as well, only i did get to read a paragraph as it came up in my reading list.

    Münchausen syndrome by proxy my ass. Bet that commenter's never worked a day on a farm and hasn't a clue how busy one is just tending to the usual, let alone when any animal is poorly. My guess is s/he's jealous. On any given day, you've comments aplenty from readers. And, as has often been noted, the comments themselves are often worth the effort to return to the blog post later on to see what others have to say.

    You bring out the good and the clever in so many people, John. Guess that commenter doesn't have it to give.

    I'm glad Mabel is eating some and taking liquids. I do hope the meds can work well for her and that she'll make a full recovery.

    Loved the picture of Albert; hunting takes a lotof energy, John, and if the baby rabbit was quite small, then it would at best be only a snack.

  20. Cheers friend!! I hope Mabel quickly heals and to the person who left you that negative comment.... you can suck it ass!!

  21. bitch slap her for me, too John and then kick her arse to kingdom come...oh I'm not supposed to be so negative...send her spritely to the hereafter.

  22. I continue to hope that Mabel will get well soon.
    It's good to see Albert back to his old self after last month, too.

  23. Pretty soon Mabel will be back to enjoying life just as Albert is, John.
    You can't please everyone, you know.

  24. Sorry John, no advise for Bulldogs with pneumonia, it is luckily something we havent gone through. I know when Finn is under the weather though, lots of rest seems to be the best medicine. Good luck, hope she comes around and is feeling better soon.

  25. I watched a video I received last night--dogs surfboarding and skate boarding. All bulldogs having fun. I thought of Mabel. I don't care if she ever skate boards, but I sure would like to have her better. Get better, Mabel!

  26. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Blast, John. Missed that. Can only go by meganblogs' comment. You should have left that conniving boor/bitch to me. I'd have them for breakfast. With plenty leftovers. Muenchhausen? Do you look like Mabel? Poor Mabel. I bet one day, for my sins, you will bequeath her to me in your last will and testament. How she will miss you. And I.

    Shit happens, John, as you know. If I remember correctly that's how we first met. Over hot dung.

    I am disgusted with Albert. Which reminds me: One of our cats once ate a spider. I couldn't bear her sitting on my lap for the next twelve hours, all the while thinking that spider being digested down there.


  27. There is nothing as clever as a cat at tripping you up at feeding time!
    Do hope Mabel soon improves - antibiotics can work wonders as I am sure you know only too well.

  28. Poor Mabel.

    Delete the Jehovah's witnesses...

  29. Hope Mabel is a bit better as the antibiotics kick in...
    Love your village descriptions! Our cats love rabbits (and then get tapeworm...).One of my friends won't eat my eggs anymore after tellig how I saw one of the chickens running around the yard joyfully with a dead mouse hanging from her beak and the rest chasing her. Some things are just better unsaid I guess!

  30. lynda
    my chickens love mice and the occassional mole if they can find em

  31. I hope those antibiotics kick in for Mabel -- soon. Your descriptions of village life and characters are just wonderful. As for Albert -- he looks very self-satisfied!

  32. Sending best healing wishes to Mabel. I hope the anti-bots are kicking in.

  33. Albert had better not get too comfortable. I hope he's on the lookout for lunatic drivers hurtling along the lane at breakneck speeds.

    I'm sure your deleted post will turn up before long in one of the Murdoch papers. They're probably hacking into your computer right now.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. nick
    I have always worried about albert and the sparse traffic up the lane.... so far he's pretty good at dodging the boy racers

  36. Oh dear poor Mabel. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  37. thank you Eileen and thank you all for your best wishes
    Mabel has eaten a good portion of a cheap SPAR chicken but would only take it from my hand....
    so my fingers are crossed things are on the UP.
    her breathing remains very poor however and she has to be "propped up" in order to sleep

    I have just checked on her

    she blew me a kiss before I left her

  38. John...it's amazing how some people have such ugliness inside that they browse around blogs, looking for a reason to spew. I didn't read it, but a religious title does NOT ENTITLE someone to pass judgment or to be vile to another human being. Maybe that person could actually do some "good" works in their life so they can lessen their inner turmoil and thumb twiddling.

    I've found that such people don't know the meaning of "troubles" because they are too busy looking for it. Once you've had it in your life, on an authentic level, you DON'T go looking for it.

    Keep up the good work John. If only we all had such beautiful village scenery to gaze out upon each day! I'm jealous! I'm in the Greater Houston area of Texas. Village life is nowhere to be found.


  39. lana
    the lady involved no longer follows my blog, which I am grateful for..
    i suspect she had been drinking ( a fact in itself I was not too bothered with) but as she didnt want to explain herself... I told her to sling her hook!


  40. No idea what "sling her hook" means, but I'm guessing it's not good!

    Best wishes to Mabel. The fact that she's eating is a really good sign. xxx

  41. terry
    sling her hook just means GET LOST x

  42. JohnG, you know that some people are miserable and their bent in life is to make everyone else around them as miserable as they feel!

    Chin up and soldier on old chap!

  43. Still sorry that Mabel is unwell.

    Albert looks like our Jazz - who is totally food oriented and food driven as well.


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