Friday, 16 March 2012

Village News: A New Post Office, Jubilee Celebrations and Albert

The Village Post Office service will return to Trelawnyd this afternoon.
I have saved posting a gift to a friend until today, so will call down to support the new initiative when the doors to the memorial Hall open at 2pm.
I miss the old post office. I miss going in and having a chat with the flame haired post mistress Jenny, in her tiny post office cubicle that always looked as though a bomb had gone off inside it. 
Her slightly panicked style of service was always a source of constant amusement to me.
The new service will be overseen by another village Post Office and only is scheduled to open once a week.
But the service is a start and is a positive step for the village.
I hope the village population will support  it.

The Trelawnyd Carnival Committee led by the jovial Val Meelan and Trelawnyd stalwart Alun Hughes  has been hard at work organising a wonderful set of Village Based activities for the weekend  2nd and 3rd of June.
A Country pursuits day has been organised for Saturday the 2nd of June, which will include
a gymkhana, dog  show ( we will enter Mabel and George me thinks), a clay pigeon shoot, archery, sheep racing ( a first for me) and wellie throwing
Sunday the 3rd of June will be the carnival day, and activities will include a "big Lunch" ( where villagers are asked to bring  their own lunches to a shared "communal social event") which sounds a lovely way to meet people new to village events.
I think my History Blog will be shown at one of these events and the Flower Show will have a stall at the other......
Details can be seen at the Carnival Blog Site
I hope the village support both initiatives!

The famous "strangling" Albert photo
And finally to answer Mrs Fickle...Albert is much much better, thank you very much.
His eye infection has improved but he is still milking the sympathy by refusing his normal cat food and demanding a more expensive but tastier titbit of tinned sardines in a tomato sauce.....


  1. Good luck with the new Post Office, and heartfelt thanks for giving us another look at the wonderful cat-strangling photo.

  2. Dominic would love the country day out, especially the clay pigeon shooting and archery and I would love to be able to tell him that yes, throwing wellies is a sport in UK.

    'Really, Dad?'

    'Honest, Son'

  3. Great to have a postal service back on your doorstep even if it is only one day a week. BTW I never did receive my love spoon...
    I like the sound of your rural festivities. Your Carnival committee is doing well. I hope they get plenty of appreciation and back-up. How neat to have your history blog on show.

  4. LOL Ellie is like that. since she has been wearing her body suit to stop her licking her stitches, normal dog food just WON'T DO!

  5. It sounds like your village has lots planned for the beginning of June...lots of fun things to do and try. I'd love to see the archery shoot and of course the dog show with Mabel and her 'brother' entered. Enjoy your new Postal Service John!
    Maura :)

  6. That village of yours sounds like a little slice of heaven (or perhaps a location for a Stephen King novel??? KIDDING!)
    Have fun! Oh, I was thinking you'd be a SHOE-in for the Welly throwing event after the great pig-poo debacle.

  7. Sounds like my kind of contest. I can beat a sheep in a footrace.

  8. Lady M
    will chase it up, I have proof of posting and it was an age ago!!!
    bloody hell!
    leave it with me!

  9. That carnival sounds intriguing enough to have me pondering the cost of a transatlantic flight and the possibilities of B&Bs in Trelawnyd.

    More realistically, I sure hope we get to see photos, especially of Mabel & George in their finest turn-out.

  10. Your 'big lunch' sounds a bit like here; although ours are always evening do's.

    When I last lived in Wales, our postmistress's husband had a 'secret'. I was never allowed to know what it was!!

  11. This sounds like a delightful event. I could win that wellie throw, since I can throw various objects with pretty good aim.

  12. Very pleased about the Post Office...a vital artery in any village

  13. Good to hear about the new Post Office hope it gets loads of support. We too have lots planned for the Jubilee weekend so we all want sunny weather.

  14. What fun! Sheep racing and wellie tossing ... I wonder what motivates the sheep to run? At the Iowa State Fair the pigs in the piglet races were motivated by oreo cookies.

  15. Just been to the post office
    having a few "on line " teething problems but it was nice that I was not the first customer!
    Animal helper pat beat me to it and got a free gift AND her face in the paper!!!

  16. I want to go ! At least to the dog show, no to everything. It sounds fabulous. If I make it over (chance in hell) would you have room in one of your sheds for a midlife farmwife?

  17. Once you give them the 'good' stuff, that's all they want. Oh, Albert!

  18. The day sounds like it's going to be a hoot. Much more active than the throat-slitting competition of Aby's show day!

    Get 'em mixed up - try sheep throwing and wellie-racing.

  19. Good news about your Post Office.

    When I've seen sheep racing on the telly, it's so funny with the little jockeys on their backs, bobbing about.

  20. Good for Albert, demanding some high-quality food and no more of that cheap rubbish....

    Ah, welly throwing, one of the great British traditions. Not sure if it happens in Northern Ireland, must make some inquiries.

  21. It does indeed happen in Northern Ireland. And did you know that the sport is regulated and administered by the World Wellie Wanging Association, based in UpperThong, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire? UpperThong indeed. No comment.

  22. Thanks for that nicolas!

  23. Glad to hear the PO has returned, even if just once a week for now.

    The Jubilee weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

    I'm glad Albert has recovered nicely--maybe work some of his usual food in with the sardines and reduce the sardines with subsequent feedings? Weaning him back to the world as it was, you might say.


  24. I sometimes *stand in* at our little island PO. The 'slightly panicked style of service' is my style too - it comes of not doing it often enough for it to become second nature. I live in constant fear of someone wanting to send a moneygram to Outer Mongolia, but I do dearly LOVE LOVE LOVE banging down that old, inky date stamp on the outgoing mail.
    It's my childhood 'Post office Set' all over again......... :-)

  25. a day for the PO to be open, a 2 day Diamond Jubilee Celebration and Albert, of the laid back ears, bulging eyes and smart appetite! ;-)

  26. Stop manhandling that pussy John.

    Have a great weekend too.x

  27. So much going on in your village. SOunds like a great place to live. I am so glad we have a post office in our village.

    And can I ask you a favour? Would you look at my blog post of today (about my duck with a broken leg) and let me know if you have any advice? I've set her leg but am hoping I didn't totally f*ck things up. Thanks, John.

    Happy weekend!

  28. I think the sheep will run much more quickly if chased by lanky farmers' sons in wellies.

  29. Albert is such a naughty kittie!

    Good luck to Mabel and George at the show!

  30. Thanks for the plug, John - I just realised that I missed worm charming off the list of events for the carnival!

  31. val
    the Prestatyn Flower show did worm charming and it worked just great!
    In fact me an chris won!!!!

  32. Our post office was in the back of the village shop. Pickup a few groceries, and walk to the next window, and like magic, being served by the same lady, with a different hat.
    All so very civilized.
    I hope they support your new post office, it would be tragic if it were closed down.

    I'd say Albert has set his sights higher than your run-of-the-mill cat food, yes, sardines in a nice sauce, or a nice piece of Finnan haddie >^..^<

  33. I think you are a major star of your village, and well deserved. Most villages need a person like you. - wanna move to the states?


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