Thursday, 22 March 2012

Grab Bag

Just a few idle ideas grouped together over very early morning coffee.

It's going to be a lovely day, and I aim to spend the day spreading old pig manure over the allotment vegetable beds!

Now I must admit that I usually find Opera "nice girl" and ex of Gethin "oh be still my beating heart" Jones Katherine Jenkins to be all a bit suger sweet for my liking. but I must admit that I was kind of rooting for her , when I heard that she had schlepped over the pond to appear in the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.
Here is the Welsh crooner looking very Hollywood and acquitting herself very nicely indeed 

Now I know that I occasionally do bang on about the AMC tv horror/zombie blood feast The Walking Dead, but even I, as a dyed fast fan, do find the fact that Toys r' Us are bringing out Walking Dead minimate childs' toys,in the guise of the apocalypse survivors complete with zombie followers.
Now apparently here they are........

Rick Grimes and Dale with Zombie followers
Am I actually going mad?

The most interesting thing I watched on tv this week was the first episode of Talk At The BBC. This is a compilation piece where the most interesting parts of "interview style" talk shows from the 1950s,60s and 70s, many of which have only been aired the once, are repeated.
So on Tuesday we were offered fascinating clips of a fabulous looking Edith Sitwell, a combative Robert Mitchum,a reflective Sammy Davies Jnr, Bette Davis in full "All About Eve" mode and most movingly the infamous Face to Face interview of the tv journalist and broadcaster Gilbert Harding by John Freeman; where Freeman was trying to "out" the prickly celebrity by talking about being lonely and about death. The subsequent emotional outburst from Harding even by today's "heart on you sleeve" standards is upsetting to watch. In 1960 it must have been seen as terribly shocking.
If you can access iplayer, take a look at it, it is well worth a second look

The outwardly gruff Gilbert Harding

Albert has recovered from his eye infection but is not back to his old self as yet. He remains somewhat listless and quiet and is not eating as well and as normally as usual. He looks bright eyed enough, so I hope it is only a case of post viral fatigue, but it bothers me that he may be seriously unwell

The incubator in the kitchen is up and running once again, this time with amazingly large and beautiful goose eggs inside. A buxom light Sussex is the first hen to hit "broody" on the field and she is happily sat on an eclectic clutch of eggs in the first of four broody boxes. In three weeks, with a bit of luck the first chicks of the year will be here

Right, the coffee has been downed and some hard core shit shovelling is the order of the day....

oh btw
I am looking at the dogs on the kitchen sofa....Meg is happily curled up next to a snoring Mabel..."bitch wars" looks like a thing of the past!
here's hoping!


  1. Gilbert Harding seems to have been well known, for being well known. An original 'Celeb'. I always rather liked him.

  2. I had forgotten all about Gilbert Harding. Wasn't he on 'What's my Line?' and there was a woman on who really made a pass at him every week and he never rose to her bait. I can see her face but can't remember her name. Can anyone else?

  3. before my time pat..... just!

  4. Happy "Shit Shoveling" have done my share of that over the years ... but pig poop? ewwwww

  5. Dancing, beautiful. The dolls not so much.

  6. The opera singer did very well on DWTS and will possibly be a real contender for the prize. I enjoyed watching her. She was very nervous and looked like she would cry at the end and her vulnerability will get her votes.

    I do hope Albert will get better.

  7. As long as K J is dancing and not singing, I don't mind her.
    Zombie walking dead toys for kids, really? I'm hoping that there really aren't any parents out there daft enough to be letting their kids watch it! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but even I get disturbed sometime and I am not young enough to be shopping in Toys-r-us. Got to just say, fantastic season finale!

  8. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Zombie dolls? Seriously?
    Give Albert a snuggle for me. Hope he recovers fully.

  9. Sadly, there are probably parents letting kids watch the garbage.
    And if there is money to be made, there will be toys for it.
    And someone will buy the garbage.

    I hope Albert perks up with the good weather, John. ♥

  10. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I do hope Albert is OK...I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!

  11. If Albert continues to act poorly, have some blood work done to check his kidney function. If he is having kidney problems, and most cats do at a certain age, he shouldn't be eating so many sardines. Be careful out there shoveling!

  12. Lady Isobel Barnett - not before my time!

  13. I must, I must watch Face to Face....

  14. Poor Albert, hope he perks up soon. We all know that the toys are going to be on your Christmas list, you can't fool us!
    Jane x

  15. Lovely day here, too, and i'd love to work in the garden, but my day job stands in the way...

    I tried searching Da Web for the interview, but didn't find it.

    Enjoy your shit shovelling, and i'm sending along t's and p's for Albert.


  16. I'll have to get my 4-year-old great niece the complete zombie set (bizarre!!!).

    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who looks forward to a lovely day so I can spread manure.

  17. Theres something wrong with any woman who would dump Gethin Jones. xxxx

  18. Anonymous5:05 pm

    I hope Albert feels better soon.

  19. Trust me, your girls are friends now, but that could change with one wrong look and a misplaced hormone...At least it does for me, I mean MY dogs!

  20. Hope you get your brood boxes full of broody hens. Hope doggy gets well soon. Hope you are on top of the world and feeling quite virtuous after your muck spreading.

  21. I've never shovelled pig shit.
    I have lost track of the tonnes of horse manure, cow dung, goat poo and sheep nuts I have moved/spread over the years! Happy shovelling!

  22. I drove past your field for the first time today on my way to view a camper van that was for sale. I now have field envy! I want a field, goddamnit! :P

    Hannah from Gwespyr (I'm not a stalker, honest!)

  23. hannah
    did you see me spreading pig shit on the allotment?
    next time stop and say hi!
    Ill make you a cuppa

  24. And you accuse me of rambling.... Gilbert Harding?!

  25. Was it DEAD pig-shit?!

  26. tom
    you do ramble
    so do I
    its our age
    and it was year old pig shit

  27. Shovelling pig manure... reminds me of spreading it over garden beds around the office blocks at the factory I worked at. The older head gardener had no qualms about using it - and it wasn't a year old - This was the sacrifice the management and office staff had to pay for pretty, massed annuals. The factory workers got easy-care shrubberies. Hope you don't get stuck in the muck again.

  28. Haha, will do! You were stood with Mabel and co near the entrance, I was actually tempted to get out and say hello but thought you might wonder who the hell this nutter was talking to you :)


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