Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cat's Eye

Animals always get sick at weekends...... thus is the rule of a pet version of sod's law
Our vet has an overly expensive "locum" system which means shit loads of wonga need to be handed over before any thermometer has been shoved up a furry arsehole.
Albert looks as though he has an eye infection, its either that or some strange strain of influenza. Suffice to say that he has been hiding away in the living room and on the bedroom window seat looking a little like Mike Tyson in the 13th round. He is still eating, ( a tin of sardines in tomato sauce this morning) and will have to wait until tomorrow's surgery to see his vet.
Chris is slightly miffed as for a change he will have to take Albert for his once over rather than me, for I will be off to London for a couple of days catch up with my best friend Nuala.
I was due to visit her in December, but my brother's funeral kind of got into the way, and with the gloominess of all that, the depressing nature of winter itself and acute best friend withdrawals....I am in dire need of the boost that only a best friend can give you.
So tomorrow, albeit briefly, we will march around arm in arm, chatting and laughing an chatting some more.It's been far too long.

.So Chris will be animal caring.... poor sweetie!
and tomorrow there will be a great deal of huffing and puffing going on in Trelawnyd I can tell you. The prospect of the vet trip has already been greeted with huge amounts of eye rolling and theatrical groaning.....
I am praying that Boris behaves too......March is when turkey testosterone is almost at its highest and I may need to remind you that Boris HATES Chris with a vengeance.
There may be some bloodshed by the time I return on Tuesday!
Watch this space.....

Oh I have had to be weighed in today  weight this morning 14 stone 7 lbs
Weight lost last week 2lbs
Total weight loss since January 1 stone 7 lbs


  1. Good Lord... your diet is going really well. Congrats!

  2. I was so fascinated by the contents of your mantelshelf that I found it hard to concentrate on the sick cat! Enjoy the break and keep up the diet - at the rate you are going you will soon need to indulge in new clothes (marvellous excuse for buying some).

  3. It is not only animals that insist on being sick out of hours. Alex is a master at it. That and sleeping sideways in the bed.

    Hope the cat recovers soon.

  4. Animals always get sick at weekends

    Ain't that the truth! Our 2 specialise in the bank holiday emergency

  5. What has Chris done to Boris that he hates him so much?

    Hope Albert gets well soon.

    Best friends? Great therapy. Enjoy.

  6. The second line (thermometers) is one of your best. Have a nice time - you may return to find Boris has eaten Chris.

  7. CONGRATS on the weight loss John, and I hope you have a wonderful time with Nuala!!! Nothing like spending time with a good friend!!

    It's good that Chris is able to take care of everything. I have to say though, not ever having met him, and only knowing what you've said about him, I don't see him collecting eggs and delivering to everyone...Or does he?

  8. My daughters are having 'girlfriend' time in NY city as we speak John. Lucky them, lucky you.
    I guess animals getting sick on the weekend is right up there with gallbladder attacks happening at 3 am!
    Roll on Monday!

  9. claire is down in london John, she went yesterday and returns may well be on the same train coming home

  10. Congrats on the weight loss, John. I haven't lost an ounce, however I did loose an inch from my tummy & waist, so this counts for something, Yes? Animals do have a way of expressing their love by the amount of money we have to spend on them at times ... lol.

  11. PS and Chris will have to also administer those "eye drops" into the cat's eye? Poor guy ... lol

  12. You rarely mention Albert. I sincerely hope he gets better. It must be so hard for your poor neglected moggy - with all those vicious hounds around - like living in a mad house. Have a nice trip to The Smoke.

  13. Anonymous11:51 am

    John, I am jealous. Nuala, is it? Well. Maybe next time one of your animal kingdom falls ill you will escape and grace MY arm.

    Good luck to Albert: Only worry when a cat stops eating. Worry even more when taken to the vet by the likes of Chris.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, John.


  14. My best to Albert...poor baby ~♥
    New follower ~ Anne

  15. Anonymous12:24 pm

    We are going to need some updated photos of the new and improved John before you melt entirely away.
    Poor Albert. I'm not too concerned about Chris. It won't hurt him to take the poor little soul to the vet.
    Any chance you'll have a turkey dinner when you get home?

  16. Have a good time, John. xx

  17. Maybe you'll have a turkey dinner waiting...

    Hope Albert will be okay.

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss, John!

  18. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Chris will survive (I hope) and you enjoy your BFF time in London!

    Still weighing, not recording, since I've plateaued in the low 160s! Same area I've been weighing in for the past 2 years...if there's a dramatic change you'll be the first to know ;-)

  19. I totally agree about pets - in my case dogs - always becoming ill at the weekend. But since moving to a remote island, where weekend travel - in or out - is out of the question, I've been pleasantly surprised at how often, by Monday, it turns out to be a false alarm. My fault, not the dogs, I'm a pet hypochondriac.....

  20. Try a drop of honey in her eye. I have used this many times and so have friends of mine. Every 4 hours put a drop in. Very soothing and clears it up.

  21. Congrats on the weight loss. I've gained 2 lbs and the scales seemed to have stuck there. Sorry about Albert and I hope he fares well at the vets. My cat is so afraid at the vets she nearly goes into cardiac arrest. Can't understand it. My vet is the sweetest lady on earth. Have fun in London. Can't wait to hear the tales, especially how it goes with Farmer Chris.

  22. My money's on may have roast turkey when you return.

    Have a fantastic time!

  23. Here's hoping the bloodshed is minimal and Albert feels better soon!

  24. Have you rigged up a web cam so you can see the damage as it happens?

  25. I do hope Albert is all right. Grace used to hide from everyone when she had something wrong. If it was something annoying, she'd hide from most, but would let me see what it was. Using Grace's behaviour as a model, i do hope in Albert's case it's annoying, but not serious.

    Have a blast with Nuala. I do hope Chris can cope for those several days. When you return, he may appreciate you all the more.


  26. thank you all
    and welcome Anne
    Albert still looks like a bug eyed monster but has eaten 2 tins of sardines!!!!!!!
    Albert is way way UP in the house pecking order... being just behind william and above the three other dogs! I will blog about him this week!

  27. All I can say is, I envy Albert his nice cosy spot in front of the fire, with nothing to do but dream lazy feline dreams. I hope you clear up his eye infection okay.

  28. Well done on your weight loss. Must admit I've been a bit remiss of late and I don't expect a great result at tomorrow's weigh in. I'll be happy if I've just shaved off a few ounces but its been so warm here since the rains stopped a few beers have been consumed.

  29. Nuala won't even RECOGNIZE you!

    Chris alone with the animals...
    Do you think you could convince him to do a blog post?!


    Have a wonderful time and get those batteries recharged!

  30. This reminds me of what used to happen when Elwin was left in sole charge of little children - having been thrust back into the world of fathering at a time when he could have been settling into rosy retirement - they would have diarrhoea or vomiting - to his credit he was a better nurse than me. Have a great time with Nuala and good work with the slimming :-)

  31. Have fun in London--how could you NOT!

  32. enjoy your trip an I hope Albert gets better fast,


  33. Your weight loss is amazing. Have a wonderful trip and I hope that Albert's eye improves.

  34. Go have a good time!! Chris is a big boy he will manage I bet ya :O)

    I do the same with honeyman, the one or two times he has had to look after the animals and garden on his own LOL I worry and fret and he always manages just fine :O).

  35. Think of all the appreciation Chris will have for you upon your return!!!

  36. Shw mae!

    Albert and Chris sounds a bit "challenging." You and Nuala sound alike a good visit.

    Hope everything went well.

  37. Good work on the diet John! I think I found the weight you lost. ;>( Have a wonderful time in the city.

  38. BRILLIANT blog! You had me at your mad chicken header photo!!

    BH x


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