Saturday, 18 February 2012

Geese gone!

The geese have been duly collected and have left the field sat meekly in the back of transit van.
I am just about to leave for work, often Saturday night can be a little busier on ITU, so we have eaten a wonderful "home grown" pork chop ( the size of my head) for tea as a treat.
It's been a strange sort of "nothing" day.... hail storms this afternoon were a bit of a shock..... and the sex starved Bulldog is still flashing her bits around to all
Have a Good Weekend all


  1. Hello John, Are the geese for your dinner? They are really expensive! Enjoy a lovely roast . Froogs

  2. Bet the pork chop was gorgeous. Hope you have a good nightshift.
    Jo xx

  3. Anonymous7:02 pm

    goodbye geese

  4. Disaster. Away for a week and I come back to find the geese making a run for it, and I don't know why. maybe they heard rumours about the pigs?

  5. Hi John
    weekend off, finished on call week yesterday so just off to a work colleagues Ruby wedding anniversary party.
    Hope it's not too heavy a night

  6. Hope you have a good weekend too, John. One of our Tamworth girls looks like she is expecting so we might be able to eat our own pork later on this year. Doggy fannies are in my history as well...but female pigs wave their fannies about as well when they the need upon them!

  7. I don't know about Wales, but around here 'spring' is doing it's damnedest to keep winter at bay!

  8. Glad that the geese have gone, and I hope their new home is as happy.

    I cooked the last of the ham steaks yesterday (to make room in the freezer for the beef's arrival) and gave thanks to the farmer and the pig. I thought of you and Chris and no. 12 and 21.

    Hope your nightshift isn't too eventful.


  9. Hope you have a peaceful shift. xxxxx

  10. A pork chop the size of your head? Yikes, you won't need to eat again for days....

  11. The field is sat in a van
    And the geese are all gan.
    Mabel’s on heat
    But John’s had his pork treat,
    So all’s well in Wales
    Till the next time it hails.

    Sorry the rhymings a bit feeble, but have a lovely weekend, John.
    :-D X

  12. Oh I'm jealous of the pork chop. As soon as my teeth are sorted I'm going to have the biggest lump of meat I can find!

  13. Sorry the geese have gone but hope they have gone to a good home with that ancient goose who probably needs the company.

    Was it a gilt or a boar chop you ate - remember you are going to let me know if they have any different taste.

    Hope you have an easy night.

  14. Stand Mabel outside in some high heels and give her a handbag to swing....she may make you a bit of money.
    Jane x

  15. The pork chop sounds wonderful!

    Glad to hear the geese are gone, too.

    Hope tonight isn't too hard on you.

  16. 'Hmmm...' (Imagine Homer Simpson drooling) '...Pork Chop'

    That's me right now.


  17. I'd be afraid to leave Mabel alone--You never know what she might get into, or who she'll invite over!!

  18. Congratulations on rehoming the geese!

    As for "..... and the sex starved Bulldog is still flashing her bits around to all" 'til a bit more information than I need.


  19. Never have goose roast! Must try this!

    Oh Hai Elizabeth! Lovely poem. xo


  20. Hope your shift was OK and that you have a lovely weekend. Ours is now on the down hill slide.

  21. "home grown" as in a pig we might have seen on your blog?

  22. I guess it will be a little bit quieter.

  23. Goosie, I suspect, will be a premanent fixture at my place. I never gave her a name as I never expected her to last beyond her first Christmas but, five years later, she is still here and now has two hectares to graze. How can you slaughter and eat something that quietly waddles in while I am typing and settles herself on my feet? I suppose I ought to get her some company so will be on the look out for geese and ducks.

    It is a shame, John, that we are separated by so many thousands of miles, I would have all your excess stock.

  24. how much pork did you end up getting and did you have enough room in your freezer for it all?



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