Tuesday, 7 February 2012

200 Books

It was our Flower Show Meeting last night.
The meeting was just a short one really as  the schedule for the day and all other necessary "to dos" have already been finalised and sorted but it is always rather fun to meet up around auntie Glad's kitchen table with tea, scones and chew the fat so to speak.
This year's Flower Show will be the village's 40th. 

The proceeds of last year's show will go towards re stocking the Churchyard with native saplings (I have yet to sort this out) and last night we have agreed to help out the newly formed Village Jubilee committee this year with a donation  to support their plans for a village gala in June. 

It was lovely to be in a position to boost a new Trelawnyd venture, especially one that celebrates the ideas of people that are not the " usual suspects" in village affairs. I have promised to big up the new committee's itinerary as soon as it is made "Public"
After Auntie Glad dished out the tea and scones, Irene our Treasurer told us all about her up and coming cruise holiday then showed us the newly printed certificate for first and second place entries as well as the 600 odd raffle tickets we all need to sell before and on the day itself.
92 year old Gladys asked for her portion of tickets there and then explaining that  she wanted to get organised with her sales!"
"How many books do you want?" Sylvia the show Secretary asked
 "Oh my usual 200!" Gladys said cheerfully, scooping them all up in her arms
And you know what? she'll sell every bloody  one of them!
no not our comittee... but it could be!!!!!!!!!

For those that are interested
The 2012 Schedule for the Flower Show can be seen


  1. Anonymous12:15 am

    She's a wonder that Auntie Glad.

  2. You will need to exercise care in choosing your tree seedlings for the churchyard - you never know who/what will roost in the mature trees.


  3. Anonymous12:44 am

    Auntie Glad could probably sell all those tickets, but she's nice and wants to give everyone else a chance!

    Don and I loved The Vicar of Dibley..."no, no, no, no, no...yes!"

  4. I knew that Auntie Glad's was in the pre Blair Labour Party. They hated what the Labour Party had become.
    I've lost the link

  5. It sounds awesome to be able to sit at Auntie Glad's kitchen table! You lucky duck!


  6. All sounds so villagey and pull your boots up kind of meeting.
    Aunt Glad, she's a good 'un :)

  7. Oh to live in Dibley! But tea and scones with Aunty Glad must be even better.

  8. I want to be just like Aunt Glady when I grow up, in the meantime I will rejoice in her busy life via you John

  9. You have a wonderful committee John, full of nice, hard-working, conscientious people.

    Our's is comprised cheifly of day release patients from the local mental health institution and ex-cons on the run (me included).

  10. Go on, I'll have a fiver's worth of ticket from Auntie Gald.

  11. Aunty Glad sounds like one in a million! :-)

  12. Does the Mr & Mrs Norman Roberts Cup (Best Flat Tray of Vegetables) involve the use of a steam roller?

  13. Maybe no-one dares say 'no' to Gladys. I know I wouldn't! ;)

  14. 200??? I would be lucky to sell 2!

  15. I was wondering how you knew Dawn French there for a second.

  16. Anyone who can flog 200 raffle tickets has to be seriously respected. I've tried selling them in my time and been pathetically unsuccessful. I used to end up buying most of them myself or pretending I'd lost them.

  17. Anyone who can flog 200 raffle tickets has to be seriously respected. I've tried selling them in my time and been pathetically unsuccessful. I used to end up buying most of them myself or pretending I'd lost them.

  18. Not your committee?
    What is the main difference?
    They weren't Welsh?

  19. Bless Auntie Glad. She sounds like such a wonderful soul.


  20. al
    have you seen the tv series THE VICAR OF DIBLEY? the still is from that!

  21. I want Gladys on the marketing team for my novel!

  22. Love your bow-tie John!

  23. jim.... you are a cheeky cu*t x

  24. Yes John, I have!

    The ABC (the Oz cousin of BBC) still blesses (or curses depending on your viewpoint) our screens with re-runs of the Dibley crew.
    Most half decent TV in Oz seems to originate in UK production houses!


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