Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Injured fingers,Storms and Sherlock

The second in command Cockerel, Badger and the marsh which is now the field
Now bare with me if my spelling and grammar is ,moderately worse than usual....
I can only type with my left hand and with the third finger on my right hand......a result of a particularly nasty fridge defrosting injury.....I won't bore you with the details...suffice to say that I am  having a little  trouble typing, picking my nose and wiping my bum!
Yes....enough said....

The storm which has buffeted the Uk today, hit home in Wales in the middle of the night. and  at 4am, me and my sore fingers were battling the elements on the field as part of the Churchyard fencing crashed down onto the goosehouse ripping part of the roof away.
In the dark and with Mabel watching every move, I fixed the roof and checked on each coop in turn.....we have been lucky .........despite up to 90 mile a hour gusts, nothing else has  been damaged severely (so far)...
Hens a lucky little souls, when it's dark. At night they literally go totally blind and will sit comfortably side my side, blissfully unaware that anything untoward is happening in the big bad world..
I didn't even get a murmur out of them when after opening one coop door, Mabel stuck her big fat head through to give a group a buffs a somewhat energetic once over!.

The torrential rain has saturated the field, to it's limit, too and most of the animals are living in rather damp unhealthy lives during the day.....its been a lousy winter so far,

Last night, with the wind screaming around the cottage we had an early night and watched the first episode of the  second BBC series SHERLOCK on iplayer.
Now for those that have not yet seen Benedict Cumberbatch's modern day portrayal of the famous detective, you are in for a real treat, as his Sherlock is a masterclass in charisma.
His  "more damaged" Sherlock is a borderline asberger sufferer....as being the genius we all know and love,he is sexually immature geek,  who is at times socially inept and rather isolated, a facet which makes his character even more compelling to watch.
He is clearly  my favourite incarnation of Holmes.....

...and I am not alone...... fellow blogger Kyna over at crystalcoastgardener 
seems to be a bit of a fan..it always amuses me when she refers to herself as a .........

If you are having a bad time at home, hiding away from this bloody awful weather........ go to iplayer and give the New Sherlock a go...... it's great fun

To everyone in the UK.... be careful and safe today.... that weather is a bitch! and not a cumberbitch!


  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Hope you become digitally REpaired soon.

  2. 90 mph winds! I hope things have settled down and your hand is feeling a little better.

    Here's to a very Happy New Year!

  3. Glad you're ok. Family in Edinburgh came through ok as well: they clocked 102 mph near Edinburgh!
    Agree that the Sherlock is FAB! :-)

  4. It has been pretty wild and wet here too so as I have no need to go out I haven't just watched from behind the glass. After all this I do hope we don't have a drought! Oh and don't injure any more fingers.

  5. Yes - brilliant Sherlock - agree.
    Sorry about the fingers. Shall not check spelling as that just shows up my retired teacher streak!!
    Took the remains of the fish pie into our hen house long after the girls had gone to bed last night (and long after dark) and they shot off the roost as though at the firing of a gun and ddevoured the lot.

  6. We are having windy, arctic weather here in the mtns. of NC with just a skiff of snow.

    The very worst time for you to be injured! Happy for you there weren't other damages to you or property.

    Wishing you a better continuing into the New Year.

    Hugs to Mabel.

  7. Oh, forgot to mention. I am such a Cumberfan. Thank you for sharing that the next episode is available.

  8. We are far away from you but high winds are here, too, and have brought frigid temps. We are hoping that no more branches come tearing through barn roofs like they did in the last wind storm. Especially since I set up heat lamps and with a little moisture added through a hole in the roof we will all get electrocuted. Or the house and barn will burn down making me wish I had been electrocuted instead. For now, huddling by the woodstove and watching the boys out the window buliding a teepee with all the downed branches...
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  9. Glad all are OK in the Ukranian village.
    It's minus 20C here, ice on the inside of the windows which is slowly melting and creating pools of water everywhere. No spare towels left!
    Jane x

  10. Yes the rain was drumming at the windows this morning and the wind blowing down the chimney. Elsie was barking furiously at both.

    Hope the fingers get better soon.

  11. Haha! This Cumberbitch is honoured that she rated a mention on Going Gently!

    It's unfortunate for me that my husband is off work this week. I'd be watching it again right now. Our weather is bloody awful as well, so I'm trapped inside with a grumpy Chuckles. He gives me the stinkeye if he sees BC over my shoulder on the computer.

    Excuse me while I throw my boobs in the air for some Cumberlovin'.

  12. Not since I lived in Alaska have I gone through winds like that--Do you feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? :-)

    I hope you mend quickly--By the way did my holiday card ever blow its way to Wales?

  13. boobs in the air kyna?
    thats a first for going gently!

  14. I'm Sherlocked! :)
    Hope your fingers heal soon.

  15. Blimmin iPlayer doesn't work outside the UK, y'know. I feel deprived! Well, it works for BBC radio but not for the TV programmes. So I can listen to The Archers but not watch Sherlock. Oh well, there's always the DVD eventually.

    Very sorry about the hand injury, John, that must be highly inconvenient and unpleasant especially with the lousy weather you're having. I hope it heals soon.

  16. Sympathies, I'm still cleaning up from our Xmas day storm

  17. And this is what so many are complaining about? Nudity on the BBC before the 9pm watershed but no complaints about rampant sexuality and scamming snowblind gangstas rapping about blowing some Mo Fo away and gettin themselves som bitch nigga ass and snorting a line on the music TV channels all day long?

    I've missed something, haven't I?

  18. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Nasty storm! And to deal with it digitally challenged, too. Glad you had Mabel helping you. (Best not to share our weather in south central Texas.)

    Intelligent, well-written TV shows with flawed, interesting characters? Does it really really exist? (maybe just not here)

  19. Picking your bum? PERLEEZE! Yes, Sherlock is so good we are going to watch it again tonight. I LOVE these good, English productions.

  20. It's not even fully three days into the new year and you've already had your first accident! (I'm sure you must be able to get a frost-free -- i.e., self-defrosting -- fridge in Wales.) A nurse that needs to be kept away from sharp objects...

    Thanks so much for the info on the new Sherlock Holmes. I'll have to see if we can get it. It looks and sounds exceptional.

  21. Ouch John your injuries sound dead painful. Hope you mend soon. Our weather's been a bit on the rough side too.

  22. How wild your storms were!
    My brother crossed the Atlantic just before Christmas and they had hurricane force winds.....

    Hope your defrosting accident is somewhat improved.

    You are right about Holmes .......so comforting to us who aren't terribly terribly clever to understand his deficits.
    Gosh what joy it was to read the short stories when I was about 12 and we didn't have a TV at all.
    New Year's greetings from New York.

  23. I'm putting forward Hippo's name for Canada's next Prime Minister.
    Jane x

  24. Oooh the next series is out! Great!
    Wishing your finger a speedy recovery, and the weather likewise. Sorry to have to tell you it's humid and 23ºC here in the antipodes.

  25. Gosh, John. I hope you heal quickly. ♥

    I am glad to hear that Mabel was out with you in the storm. She was watching over you.

    I hope the storm has calmed by now and that your fields will begin to dry.

  26. To jane and Chris,

    if you can get me into Canada I would accept a more humble post. I even have my own apron and know how to clean up after myself.

    If, however, you insist on me running for Prime Minister, then I need to get my party manifesto sorted out.

    First, abolish income, capital gains, property and corporation taxes as well as death duties and introduce instead a flat rate consumption tax with such services and goods as medical care, food and education being exempt. Most rich people did work hard to get their money so why can't they keep it and pass it on to their heirs? Also, the wealthier will tend to buy more expensive cars, jewellry, TV's etc so they will pay more tax and they cannot bloody avoid it.

    With only one tax to collect, which will be done by shopkeepers anyway, we can shrink the civil service down to ten percent of its current size (most of them consisting of beefy young men in red tunics astride horses chasing down smugglers).

    As citizens of a democratic society, in your case that wonderful country Canada, we agree to abide by rules, a set of commandments governing our behaviour to the benefit of all for which, in return, we pay our taxes but, we should have the right to clean water and decent food, education for our children, energy to heat our homes and care for the elderly. These services should not be in the hands of venal commercial companies.

    I would also consider legalising drugs. Useful drugs to treat cancer and dementia are impossibly expensive (I think we could learn a lot from India where they just copy them and toss any copyright lawyer who turns up in Delhi into the Ganges river) and the more lethal narcotics should be made available free on the National Health Service along with an instruction to swallow or inject all at once along with half a bottle of Polish home distilled vodka to anyone whose Doctor certifies that he would hesitate to recommend breeding from this particular individual. In that way, the gene pool would be thinned naturally in favour of the more responsible citizen allowing the limited supply of donor organs, especially livers, to be given to those who not only really need them, but know how to look after them.

    I am sure a good PR man would tidy these raw thoughts of mine up a bit but you get the general idea.

  27. Sounds awful there John! Good that you had something to watch. We can't get that here in Canada now but can see the older shows.
    Thought of you last night as we were watching an old Bette Davis movie called 'The Corn Is Green' with John Dall. It took place in a village in Wales....we totally enjoyed it and who is better than Bette!? No one!

    Stay dry!

  28. jim
    its a lovely film...... with only ONE welsh actor in it!!!

    pps hippo! love it!

  29. Anonymous9:59 pm

    90 mph!! They call that a hurricane over here--grab the rum and evacuate weather. Are winters your way often this severe? Please, John, I'm sure you will but I have to say this anyway because my maternal instincts are completely ungovernable...be careful out there.
    I truly, deeply envy your hens their ability to sleep through that kind of s--t. I guess it's a trade off for having to daily pop objects the size of their heads out of such teeny, tiny little holes. God only knows I only had to do it twice but was still begging for someone to knock me out with a shovel. Who in their right mind wouldn't genetically select for self-anesthetizing skills? I mean really. Who?
    This version of Sherlock Holmes is my absolute favorite! I only have access to three episodes but have already watched each of them multiple times. I don't know when the next season will release over here (the second season of Downton Abbey finally started on Sunday!) but I'll be ready and waiting when they do.

  30. Oh john, you really are a plonker aren't you. Next time, get a frost free one! Happy new year to you both x x

  31. For Kyna: there is some gorgeous Cumberbatch wallpaper out there - this is my current favourite:


  32. Hellloooooooo Judith! :)

    Thanks for that!!

  33. I wish the Sherlock series would make its way stateside....

    And I hope your fingers heal quickly so you can...manage....

  34. Hippo..."VOTE FOR HIPPO" signs are in proudction, our house is ready for your campaign office....one ice cube or two in your drinky?
    Jane x
    PS Glad you're bringing your own apron....mine brings me out in a rash.

  35. not a lot better over here, bloody freezing cold..........

    Gill in Canada

    P.S. Hope the hand feels better soon....

  36. I hope it wasn't that lovely stone wall that gave way. Glad the hens are fine, and hope the fingers mend soon. I love that version of Sherlock too. We will get it in about 6 months.

  37. Anonymous3:19 am

    Healing for your hand (hopefully an easier to defrost refrigerator), diminishing of winds and rains causing problems for you and menagerie, looking forward to seeing the "new" Sherlock!

    (Did we use a sharp instrument to aid us in getting the frosty ice out of the freezer compartment? Hmmmmmm?)

  38. Oh dear... I remember those defrosting days. That was a job I really didn't care for - chipping at the ice and frozen containers easily led to a slip and punctures. Hope you will soon be healed up and good as new! And I hope you get some decent weather soon... wish you could send the storms this way because it is warm and dry here. We need rain and snow. Love the new Sherlock! Take care, John. :)

  39. Anonymous10:22 am

    Perhaps you could use one of these?


  40. So. I've ordered the dvdvd of the first series on the strength of everyone's reviews.
    90mph? That would hardly merit a mention up here ;-)

  41. Bad luck with the digits, hope better very soon.Glad you had the brave Mabel for company through the ordeal, what a heroine she is!
    We had a few of the gusty bits too near here and the power was turned off all day due to the fire risk of trees falling on cables.It was accompanied by 40C so not enjoyable.Glad to see a well-behaved rooster in your photo, my Colin has been a beast!!

  42. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Ooooooh I feel your pain.

    When I broke my right wrist last year I rang all my friends and told them thay they too had to apply their mascara, and wipe their ar$e with their left hand as a show of solidarity.

    I do know how you suffer!


  43. Gracious, sounds like you could get blown away. Hope your digit heals quickly!

  44. You were sitting in the freezer whilst wiping your bum at three in the morning whilst there was a hurricane? Or have I misunderstood? Hope you get better soon.

    I too enjoyed Sherlock, but for entirely the wrong reasons (evidently)

  45. Oh John you've left me with the image of you learning to wipe your bum with your left hand. Eye bleach! Eye bleach!

  46. I panic at 40 mph wind gusts. Don't think I could handle 90 mph ones.

  47. I had a choice between watching Sherlock or shaving some gerbils. The gerbils won!

    Has it been windy, or did you just dream it? It's been lovely here!

  48. I love Benedict as Sherlock, but who the hell gave him that mouthful of a name? Oh, his parents I suppose!

  49. Could you send some of that wet weather over here please John...we could use the moisture here in Kansas. I can't believe the winds you're experiencing over there...sounds like our spring weather. Hope this ends soon for you so your critters can come out to play. :)

  50. I hope your fingers heal quickly, John.

    We've had some windy nights here, and it got downright cold the other day (3°F), although the just before Christmas snow we got has nearly all melted. Strange to see bare ground.

    Glad to know Mabel was doing the rounds with you, and hope all the fowl are fine.



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