Friday, 27 January 2012

A "Fickle" update

The Blind Rooster Cogburn and a very cold and wet

Well enough of the shiny and beautiful in the previous post and let's get on with a huge dollop of reality and "not-so-rugged" good looks. Amid the plethora of emailed Quiz entries (4 !) there was an email from U.S. gal, Beatrice Fickle asking me for a factual update on the field and politely requesting me not to be so teenage with (and I quote) 
"bimbo men old enough to be my sons!!"
tee hee.........another email from someone who has a "pen name " with the deliciously camp title of Gloria Abyss stated that they hadn't realised I was so " homosexualist!"
(she/he managed to get all the names right btw)

 Anyhow, the field ( or as it can be now nicknamed- The Somme) remains largely unchanging in it's routine and make up. The winter has taken it's toll on the old and weak (one of the Crackhead Whores, Gloria the old turkey and an ancient old black rock have faded and died ), but most of the population is doing quite well.
The four tame geese, Jo, Winnie, Russell and the Canadian Goose Camilla square off gamely every day with the three interlopers that were dumped here in the autumn. I have provisionally sold the ever aggressive Thomas and his subordinate female to a guy down the Felin and aim to keep the pretty Elizabeth to augment my little flock....the female geese will be starting to lay fairly soon
Winnie, Jo and a perky Russell
The field now has four cockerels though with Rooster Cogburn safely in his own run with vinegar tits, there are only three "alpha" males to protect the flocks. Old Stanley who is almost 7 years old remains firmly in charge. His "second-in-command" is a feisty little fart of an unwanted frizzle who I have called Eric .
Not six inches high, and with an attitude the size of an elephant's head, he spends most of his short winter's day streaking back and forth across the field in a desperate attempt to shag anything he can get his tiny little beak on.
For most of the time it is the slow moving giant buffs that he buttonholes and it is almost heartbreaking watching him riding these unconcerned fat ladies without ever being able to "dunk the carrot" so to speak

Little man syndrome .....Eric the ever randy frizzle
Way down in the wettest part of the field, the pigs are enjoying their last few days in Trelawnyd.
I have given them extra rations today ( complete with the recently expired old black rock)  and blissfully unaware of their fate, they have squabbled and bickered over the most tastiest bits and pieces like old pub drinkers on an afternoon binge.

No 12 schleping through the mud

In the cold and rain, I stood and watched both pigs for a while....enjoying their obvious delight in filling their fat, greedy faces....despite the weather, the whole of the field seemed to be in constant and interesting motion. Boris and Bingley the stag turkeys spar together in lazy circles as the hysterical runner ducks totter by desperate to reach their pond before the geese beat them to it.
In the distance Albert is stalking back towards the warmth of the cottage as the guinea fowl scream at him from the top of the Church wall and everywhere else little knots of hens shelter against the weather, their shoulders hunched and bowed against the wind.....
nothing much changes.......


  1. We had an "Eric" of sorts in our class at school. Short in stature but plenty in the randy department.
    You didn't dare bend down in front of him, unless of course, you were in for a cheap thrill.
    I've often wondered what happened to him, probably became a sailor.
    The field is looking healthy, I confess my heart is heavy for the porkers...
    You are looking fit !

  2. Purr says my single animal leaping onto my lap with last night's wet feet, as I type my appreciation at your farmyard roundup. Was missing all your characters and your combined doings. Aelfy is sat on the desk now so that I can't quite... Publish.

  3. brrrrrr that mud looks ccccold! Knowing # 21's fate and looking at them squabble is kind of a heart twister... however I can understand not wanting to keep pigs for pets and eating them is the only solution. I am trying to get a part of a pig in the summer after our local county fair and also part (A SMALL part) of a beef cow as well...but I won't know their acquaintance. Soldier on bright knight! Have a good weekend.
    Ruth in California

  4. so all is right in your neck of the woods as they say....

    Gill in Canada

  5. You look lovely, John! I like Rooster Cogburn. What a lucky fellow to have found your home. I do read everything you write but don't always comment, although I do laugh a lot! xoxoxoxo

  6. Thanks for the update and all the pictures, John.
    Eric is a pretty neat looking Rooster.

  7. Agricultural bliss.

  8. The piggies are sweet when they are little but there comes a time when all you see when you look at them is greedy little eyes and pork chops.

  9. Your words paint honest pictures.

  10. Even in the foul weather John, your writing is gentle and tender. A pleasure to read.

  11. I realise that the thought of slaughtering your pigs provokes some mixed emotions. And they do look so happy.

    This, however, is an amazing recipe:

    Insensitive? Me? Who said that?

  12. Sounds like a piece from 'Animal Farm', John. I'd watch '12' and '21' if I were you!

  13. John, I think of you as a great guy...but today you irked me.
    Jane x
    explanation here.

  14. Jane
    apologies CANADA goose it is!

  15. John..thank you (hehehe)!
    Jane xx

  16. RIP Gloria, the old turkey and OBR - it happens like that sometimes. Good to know Eric the Rampant is enjoying life. I like the word 'schleping' never heard it before but a perfect description

  17. You can make humdrum things sound interesting. You have a good life John.

  18. Can't Cogburn become Blind Pugh?

    Before anyone else has the temerity, may I correct you on something? They're Canada Geese; not Canadian Geese! Sorry.

  19. What a wonderfully written update. Your bit on Eric made me laugh.

  20. Alls good in the hood. x

  21. I love the way you write John - thanks for the giggle !

  22. We are currently in the Somme-type conditions as well, although the wetness is interspersed with warm bright sunshine which dries everything up a tiny bit before the next lot of rain falls. I am getting quite adept with walking in the mud, as I expect you are as well! I love having our entourage here. Something happening all the time. Better than TV any day!

  23. So, "shleping"... Old Welsh?

  24. Mitch Block,

    I thought that all Welshmen were Irishmen who couldn't swim. I did not realise that German Jews had schlepped themselves as far as Wales.

    Maybe having swum the channel, and headed as far West as they could walk they took one look at the Irish Sea and thought Oy Vey and stayed where they were.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Woops, I'll try again.

    The Southern Welsh are basically Indians. They are short, dark skinned, dark haired, and still sport names such as Idris.

  27. I'm not a big fan of Frizzles but yours is gorgeous!

  28. as I looked at the photo of you and your rooster I noticed two more photos on the right of you holding animals. the big photo looks like winter and the other two look like summer and autumn. Roll on spring...


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