Tuesday, 20 December 2011

"Oh, I wish I was Good With me hands"

Oh I wish I was good with me hands......
(No it's not the start of a Pam Ayres poem by the way)
I  really envy people which have such talents...
Today Jackie our ever-cheerful dog groomer Transformed this

Into THIS!

and did so effortlessly and with some considerable skill!
As she worked, I pottered around the cottage like some reject presenter from Blue Peter

I made a simple Christmas wreath for the doorway

and spent a somewhat irritating hour or so making paper chains for the living room .......
(Occupational therapy for the mentally bewildered!)

The red faced farmer made me laugh when I told him what I had been doing.....
"Not a job for a man!" he bellowed cheerfully as he drove off down the lane!!!!!


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    And there we go again with the jobs for men and jobs for women discrimination. A jobs a job...see it/do it as my folks would say. So you don't trim dogs....you heal people...so there.

  2. Thank goodness you explained that the paper chains were Christmas decorations - I thought you'd gone all bondage-but-not-with-real-chains for a moment there.

    Do a bit of every kind of job - specialization is for insects.

  3. George looks spiffy now! I would bet, with the right tools and a good instruction book, you could do it as well!

    I like the simple wreath and think that paper chains are for anyone to do!

  4. They look like Cath Kidston chains... very chic.

  5. Was it the wreath or the chains he didn't approve of?

    I suspect he doesn't approve of very much.

    I like the wreath. I'm jealous.

  6. Lovely wreath. Nothing like natural greenery to make it more festive.

  7. Hold on a mo'...not good with your hands? You just made a wreath and paper chains, and they look like they are supposed to!
    Jane x

  8. How can you say you're not good with your hands after completing that charming wreath and the paper chains? Great job, "man"!

    I'm very relieved you have no new catastrophes to report today. I find I'm holding my breath whenever I begin to read a new post from you.

  9. John,

    You ARE good with your hands. You help the bald chickens to feel better by massaging salve on their skin. You give necessary meds to your other animal charges, sometimes with Pat's help, and sometimes on your own. You rescued Mabel when she went into the pond and startled herself.

    You sweep your own chimney, bake bread, make wreaths and paper chains, tidy up house and garden.

    And then there's your nursing job and all those Thursdays when you went over to Andrew's house to help with his care.

    So you can't groom dogs well. It gives someone else a chance, and gives you the opportunity to do something or nothing.

    I've tried making wreaths and end up with simply A Mess. I've also trimmed my own hair on occasion. Let's just say my hairdresser had a good laugh.

    For someone who declares himself cack-handed, i think you've done a marvellous job shutting up the critics.

    my 2¢,

  10. With the right tools, you, too, could transform your pup into a stylish star. (especially if you know how to squint)

  11. What Megan said.

    George looks quite happy with himself!

    I love your paper chain and your wreath, too. Obviously you are good with your hands.

  12. Martha Stewart would be proud of you!

  13. SIMPLE wreath??? Looks highly complicated to me.

    DOG looks very smart.

  14. I'm like Mitch - I'm relieved you have no fresh catastrophe to report. I'll join everyone else in pointing out that of course you're good with your hands. Think of all the things you do with them, including that charming wreath and those fiddly paper chains. Making those would drive me bonkers. The wreath on my doorway came from a shop.

    Speaking of Pam Ayres, I've just finished reading her autobiography - it's very good.

  15. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Dog groomer did an excellent job. As did you with the wreath and chains! Thank goodness there were no new debacles to report...like Mitch I was holding my breath!

  16. She knows her talent, your dog-groomer, and no it's not easy to do, having done my fair share of it over the years.

    Love your wreath, simple and timeless, so welcoming !I haven't thought about paper chains in years, how sweet ;)

    I'd say you are a talented man John, with all kinds of jobs, and crafts.


  17. I'm no good with my hands either, but I used to be a dab hand at paper chains. (I think I just contradicted myself there.)

    We used to make yards and yards of them when I was at primary school and I would ask to take them home before we broke up for the holiday. Then I insisted that my dad put them up, from each corner of the room, to the light and then on to the opposite corner and around the picture rail.

    I wasn't very popular, but I loved it.

  18. Could do with a haircut myself. When is she free?

  19. What Megan and Linda said xxx

  20. Geez John! You can't be good at EVERYTHING! You must leave a few things for the rest of us! Now go be man somewhere will ya! lol

  21. Dontchluv assumptions? great wreath, love the chains.

  22. You are good with yer mitts, John, though I could do with yer bay wreath for my stews. How that groomer managed to get Jackie's glass eyes so life-like is amazing. True professional.

  23. jackie IS the groomer!
    george is the dog!

  24. Err... let me get this straight. The dog somehow managed to remove the eyes from the groomer... no, that can't be right...

  25. Your Ag Fair should feature some of those wreaths...! They would sell like hot cakes.... I suspect. Merry Christmas to my best blog find in 2011! Thank you!
    Ruth in California

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  27. What do you mean, you're not good with your hands? That wreath is beautiful!

  28. Where did you get the paper chains...none where we are at all. What a handsome dog!


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