Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I had planned a somewhat thoughtful "American based" post today ( interestingly (?)  it is my 2998th!!!).. but minor traumas, as usual, seem to have eclipsed my best intentions 

I seem to be slightly jinxed on Thursdays
My father-in-law, Richard is coming to visit later today so I was up early sorting the cottage spare room out and preparing supper. It is also the day I spend up at my brother's house, so I have not got a great deal of time free for flower arranging  and social chit chat.
I had just got the cottage into some sort of order and had just put my coat on to leave, when Albert shot through the cat flap with a large, screaming field mouse in his mouth.
Not pausing to break wind, he galloped through the kitchen, into the lounge and up the stairs knowing full well that each one of the terriers would be hot on his heels.
Of course I did try bellowing "NO!!!" in that sort of King Canute and the tide way..but the wave of dogs surged up the stairs all yelping and barking like hounds after a fox.
Mabel, who had been peacefully asleep during the start of all this. bounced out of her bed with her eyeballs on stalks at the commotion, and not understanding exactly what was going on howled loudly in excited shock and bounded after the throng who had all cornered Albert and the mouse under the bed in the spare room.

By the time I got up the stairs,three quarters of the rubbish that we store under the bed had been scattered around the room, most of peppered with the start of what looked like several kilos of bulldog turds. From a dark corner Albert was gleefully spitting and growling at a trio of excited faces, but even his psychopathic little games came to an abrupt end when Mabel bulldozed her way in, like a sumo in heat, and lifted the whole bed off its casters.

Mercifully.....I think the mouse died of shock................
Suffice to say...I was late getting to my brother's
BTW Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers
(Thanks Kyna for the pic)


  1. Animals eh; oo'd ave em!

  2. aaaaahhhh...poor mouse.

  3. What a way to go :(

  4. OMG what a way to start the day. I hope you have a good visit with both your brother and father in law.

  5. Oh no! The best laid plans of mice and men...

    I hope the day improved for you.

  6. Ah you tell a grand tail John :-)

  7. It seems that most animals on the planet die a horrible death in great pain or fear or both. If only they all could just drift away in their sleep.

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Ah...just another day.

  9. Never a dull day. :-)

    Thank you, John. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day. ♥

  10. And I thought my morning was busy!! Albert knows how to liven up a place!

  11. Anonymous1:59 pm

    The hilarity never way could you ever find your life dull and boring John.

    Your dead mouse photo made my Thanksgiving Day!

    "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie,
    O, what a panic's in thy breastie!"
    ~Robert Burns

    Hello to your brother and your cottage guest!

  12. John, is there ever ANY peace in your home? How come you are not constantly in the throes of a nervous breakdown?
    Jane x

  13. jane
    not a great!

  14. It seems to me that every time you have someone visit, a dead mouse finds its way into your cottage. Now that you've had one, perhaps you can now check it off your list of things for when your Father-in-law visits.

  15. Actually, when I first saw that pic, I thought of you because of your header photo lol.

  16. What a way to start the day! Bulldog adventures are the best. Albert was just trying to liven things up. Love the Thanksgiving pic.

  17. Wonderful. We ARE going to see you and your brood on YouTube one day, aren't we?

    ps - have you seen the little woolly hats on the Inocent drinks bottles in aid of Age Concern? The label suggests putting them on your chickens to keep them warm.

  18. I love your life. Tee hee. xoxoxo

    I do wish you would write a book!

  19. Hilarious post for Thanksgiving. I appreciate the laughs!

  20. You were warned, when you fist acquired the beginning of your hoard... oh well.

  21. Oops! I meant 'first' of course!

  22. Oh dear John - you really see life there don't you? I suppose it is the downside of having so many animals - but think of the plusses (or should that have one s)

  23. I wasn't complaining tom

  24. Thank you for making me smile...something I've had a hard time doing lately :)
    I can see our Mabel in all of her might lifting the bed, and I just bet Albert would have glady handed it over !
    I always wanted a cat-flap, but after seeing a oppossum climb through one, I thought better of the idea, although it doesn't discourage Oliver from deposting live birds and field kill in the kitchen....
    Oh, to be a fly on your wall !

  25. Hilarious story and thanks for the Thanksgiving laugh! I needed it after trying to serve under done turkey today. Everything was ready and on the table except the turkey!!! Either my oven or the thermometer wasn’t working right today!

  26. It's always something chez vous, isn't it, John?

    What a great story!

    Because of the weather, i stayed home for Thanksgiving, enjoyed a nice meal with the cats.

    One rewarded me with two big piles of sick, and a reminder that i needed to clean out the litter box sooner than i did (turd half in and half out of the box). Found a third pile of sick the next day, although Phoebe did try to tell me about it when it was, um, fresher.

    Thankfully, they didn't bring me any titbits for our Thanksgiving meal, and i was grateful for that, i tell you!



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