Saturday, 26 November 2011

Guilty Pleasures!

Now I even bored myself with the last post and I am a person that  finds myself ENDLESSLY FASCINATING!
So bugger alone knows just how bored any reader felt.
I just can't be arsed today.
Sure the dogs have been walked properly and the animals all have been fed and watered, but as for anything else.....? 
The world can fuck off!
Chris and his father have gone off to Chester shopping, so after I cooked them a full English and waved them goodbye, I have been somewhat indulgent and caught up with tv favourites....

Now what is my idea of tv heaven I hear you ask?
Well dear readers I will tell you!
Zombies..........Ballroom dancing........................and Policemen in Uniform
Simple pleasures.........

Norman Reedus , a kind of Deliverance sweetie, from The Walking Dead
So I watched the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead which was a cracking watch. If you have not seen this horror series before or perhaps have been put off by the prospect of witnessing a small number of Atlanta citizens fighting to survive a plague of all American zombies!, I would seriously recommend seeing it.
Is it gory? (hell yes) is it bleak? (yeap it's sure not a bag of laughs!) and is it a basic apocalyptic chase movie? (yeap it delivers  exactly what is advertised on the tin).....but it is well written, well produced, intelligently acted  seriously exciting.....and very, very  addictive......

Derek Hough  ( who has a delightful cha cha!)
After enjoying a zombie blood fest for an hour...I drank coffee and ate a couple of previously hidden auntie Gladys scones while I guiltily enjoyed the finals of Dancing with the Stars (The American version of Strictly Come Dancing) I must admit I find this show all a bit too pacy and loud for my liking. (The Uk version for all it's faults is much slower and comfortable to watch) but I do have a bit of a "thing" for Rikki Lake's professional partner Derek Hough (guilty pleasure no 2!!!)......

Charlie Etheridge traffic cop and all round good egg

Guilty Pleasure number three is a couple of episodes of Road Wars....with the delightful  PC Charlie Etheridge.....
(I can hear the fannar fannar truncheon jokes from a couple of the schoolboy readers already!) but watching Slough's finest dealing out justice to the great unwashed UK criminal classes is wonderfully indulgent and always great fun
....I cannot remember when I last vegged out on the couch with the tv on DURING THE DAY!
much, much more interesting than baking bread


  1. Nothing wrong with vegging out John.. I too am vegging watching ... Wait for it ... Celebrity cash in the attic!! Got the on call phone so can't get too engrossed in anything this weekend - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !!

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Derek is a honey isn't he?
    And he can move like a snake. Amazing.

  3. No wonder Britain's is becoming Europe's most obese nation when even ICU nurses spend all their spare time glued to television sets watching dross whilst the animals they are supposed to love and care for are left out in the cold to fend for themselves...!

    Erm - in case you hadn't guessed, I'm kidding!

  4. Anonymous2:54 pm

    I'm happy you enjoyed your TV time John and I was happy to f*** off and leave you to it!

  5. Nothing like a day of mindless TV.
    I pick a tv series to horde just in case I'm sick or need a brainless day..I preplan my mindlessness!
    Glad you got a day of it.

  6. I have had a lovely day.... drooling like a pervert over southern hicks, dancers with hips like a snake and dishy coppers
    how sad am I?

  7. I could use a day like that ...

  8. I have never watched any of that, maybe I should check out the zombie one.

  9. I just can't do it anymore... so much unaccessible hotness... it litterally irritates me more than anything else!

    Oh! Who am I kidding!!! *sigh*

  10. I'm ashamed to admit it but one of my guilty pleasures is watching "Jersey Shore"!

  11. Good for you ~ I can just see you sitting on your couch with your dogs spread out watching or snoozing with you and watching TV.. Veg~out on that good lookin bread that Richard made with lots of butter... Looks so good.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  12. Off to hunt down some David Tennant and Garethe Malone for the long winter afternoons.
    Jane x


  14. Gaz is gutted!!! xxxxx

  15. I think the eternally cheerful Derek's last name is Hough. It's fun watching all of those professional dancers lugging around their partners. My own favorite is Max, the frowny guy. I just wish they'd get real celebrities and not the cousin of someone who knew someone who was on TV once. I want to see Nathan Fillion, Ben Browder, Patrick Stewart, Lady Gaga and Madonna, just for a start.

  16. Nothing wrong with vegging out - just don't serve the veg to your guests afterwards.

  17. I think you deserve a break from saving abandoned cockerels et al.

  18. There's nothing like an hour or two of totally rubbish TV to restore one's sanity. Or so I'm told, I would never succumb to such vulgar behaviour myself....

  19. Oh no - I found the bread making post interesting, really I did. John if 'snake hips' Derek floats your boat, who am I to complain - have a brill weekend x

  20. I LOVE the Walking Dead. Am completely hooked. Right up there with Dexter and the new AMC offering Hell on Wheels. And when American Idol starts, I'll resist but will wind up being hooked on that, too. I am so easy. Would love some of those scones, though, if you have any left.

  21. Haha. Watching what you want is always interesting. :)

  22. Sounds like a well deserved break to me. Derek H is cute.

  23. Derek Hough. Enough said. ;-)

  24. Glad you got some daytime fun time just for you. About time! I envy you watching those scary movies all alone. I love them but get too creeped out... ah, but you have your doggie buddies to keep you safe.

  25. Bliss. You jammy git.

  26. Anonymous7:57 pm

    I've never seen Walking Dead but I'm addicted to American Horror Story


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