Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Show 2011

I don't want to see another standard rose,polished beetroot and children's car made from an egg box for at least another year.
It has been a tiring day, but true to Trelawnyd form....we have just held another successful  Flower Show.
I will leave you with a photographic record of the day...suffice to say, I need to give a big thank you to the flower show committee:- namely, Sylvia, Terry, Anne, Carole, Heulwyn, Irene, Derek , Auntie Gladys and to the small band of helpers who turned up today to get us through another year.
It has been a tiring but excellent day!
The Vegetable trugs

The Winning basket of veg

Arts and Crafts

The domestic classes were hugely impressive

The Veg tables

Domestic classes

The hydrangeas with children's art 

Flower Classes

Floral Art ( I got second with my red flowers in a baked bean tin


Before we started

After the doors opened

Gladys starting her raffle

This year's Show seemed busier than last


Knackered ! Some of the committee stll smiling at the end


  1. Well done all of you team effort! Congratulations too, John on your winning entry! Looks a great village show!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. I glass of something cold and fizzy awaits, I hope!

  3. What a fantastic turn-out !
    I can't get over the talents in such a small village, the baked goods table is most impressive.
    Now it's time to relax, and enjoy your evening.
    Full marks !

  4. Well done you my darling!
    Eldest daughter will be in your part of the world next weekend for a friend's wedding. I think it's somewhere near Cardiff.
    Wish she was going to be closer, I would love for you to meet her. She would adore you and Chris and your entourage! (and I think you would love her too).

  5. Looks like the show was a rousing success. And so were you ... congrats on the prize for your flower arrangement.

  6. Looks like you had a great day. Shame that your flowers only won second prize. Perhaps if you had used a nice cut glass vase instead of an old baked bean can you'd have had more luck. Just a thought.

  7. Glad all went well - a fitting reward for the hard work of all of you. (You keep having these events when I can't come!)

  8. YP
    IT WAS FLOWERS IN AN unusUAL container!

  9. Looks as though the turn out was excellent. :O). The veggies in the photos were so nice.

  10. Glad you had a successful turnout with all the work everyone has done.

    Shorted my keyboard with drool when I saw all those wonderful sweets.

  11. Any homes for sale there? I want to live there. Period
    Is there room for another nurse?

  12. It all looks splendid and brings back - I'm so pleased that it went so well. Now, rest...

  13. It looks like all your effort paid off. Well done on your prize!

    Its all over for another year, sad in a way, but what a success for your committee who could ask for anything more, another wonderful community event for your village.Well done to all
    Tim and Ann xx

  15. Congratulations John....I'm going to have to start saving those baked bean tins.

  16. 'polished beetroot' and egg boxes'? I feel a euphemism coming on, but - instead - am just going to congratulate you on a job well done (by the look of it).

  17. Bravo John and well done. Love the idea of flowers in a bean can...clever man. Should have come in 1st!

  18. CAKE!!!

    Looked like you all had a fantastic day, and very successful judging by the turnout.

    Very impressive veg basket.

  19. I wonder how to polish a beetroot? And with what? I am hugely impressed by that winning basket of veg.

  20. What a wonderful turnout! I would love to have a basket or two of those lovely vegetables!!! I like your roses and everyone's flowers were so nice looking!

    Are you all done for the Summer now - of open days and flower shows etc? I imagine you are one tired fella!

    Good Job! I sure hope you don't have to work tonight.............

  21. Puts London and Birmingham to shame in comparison - Well Done to all from 'Down Under'!

  22. Goodness John your 'Show' looks to be a great success! What a wonderful turnout and look at all the displays..CONGRATULATIONS!! I think you have some very hard working selfless people working with you (including YOU). We just got home from having supper in a small farming town not far from us but seeing all that food made me think 'dessert'! I hope you take Sunday to just sit back and relax. Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)

  23. YE GADS my bloggy friend, you deserve a double G&T!!
    Jane x

  24. This looks absolutely charming. Well done!

  25. Now how cool is that! Thank you for posting so many interesting pictures and congratulations on your win. How do you judge the domestic category? Does anybody get to sample the cakes and jams or do you just go by the looks of it?

  26. Bloody marvelous (again). I didn't realise it was quite so HUGE, or that you had so many categories. It's what the Brits (you) do so well. Congrats.

  27. What a great turn out...looking at the photos I long to walk the veg tables and study the produce. Does everyone in Trelawnyd grow a garden?
    Congrats on your red-flowers-in-a-tin win! Very impressive.
    And another job well done. Kudos to you John and everyone else who contributed!

  28. What an amazing display of entries! A lot of hard work but it must be so satisfying to see it all come together. I really would love to live in a village like yours.

  29. It all looks fab. That basket of veg is a work of art!

  30. I turn my back on your blog for an hour and you have posted another one John. I have skimmed quickly through the photos as I have got to face a similar situation - twice - in the next fortnight and frankly, once you have seen beetroot et al they do get a bit boring.

  31. I would have loved to participate in this show...with the veggie baskets. You had a little bit of everything.

  32. Beautiful! Congratulations on your second place! I know you must be exhausted.

  33. Congratulations! It looks as if it was a huge success. I can't keep my eyes off that table of baked goods.


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