Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I was moaning just a little that my two local friends are "off the radar" so to speak after reading my blog
I received a very funny email from my friend Nige ( who lives 50 miles or so away)
This is part of it
Very Funny

But you know, of course, that you always have someone to call/e-mail
if you need a chat/rant.
Here's my assessment of your options:

Nuala = stress-free long-distance telephonic love-in

Mike = vicariously heterosexual discourse

Bel = creative firestorm with a touch of gender outrage!

Me = post-apocalyptic glitter, with a fricassee of narcissism

Hey, I think you've got a nice mix there!


  1. Anonymous10:00 pm

    This is the once-visiting friend with the smile that looks like trouble, right? I LOVE him. Dia

  2. I am sure you are using the term 'friends' lightly, John. Their loss, I'd say! What we say around here is: If they can't take a joke, well, f*&k 'em!

  3. no Jim not lightly
    I am just mourning them just a little as they are no longer ( physically and emotionally present at the moment)
    as friends they will always be there... but sometimes you want someone "around the corner" so to speak!!
    me just being selfish!

  4. I drove by "The Sportsman" at Walkley just last week. It seemed intact but "The Crown" appeared to be in its death throes - as many pubs are these days.

  5. Haha. Well, there you go. That would seem to sum up your options pretty well.

    But I do understand what you mean about having someone nearby.
    Chatting on the internet makes it seem like they're right there, even if they're an ocean away.

    Hope tomorrow is a good one for you.

  6. Sounds like a pretty balanced lot to me!

  7. Well John, it seems to me that if you really miss them, perhaps YOU should make contact and try to arrange a meeting! They may just be sitting at their computers, right this very moment, and thinking about how much they miss you...

    I'd say that anyone that you consider a friend is most likely a very lucky person.

  8. I know I shouldn't - but I do love Nigel!

  9. Nancy ist not that serious believe me... just their lives distancing them a little from "our" norm....

    what goes around, comes around

  10. 62 miles away, to be precise.

    Far enough way to be safe ;-)



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