Sunday, 14 February 2010

dawn in Trelawnyd

It is usual for me to go back to bed for an hour after going the "chores" on a Sunday morning....Let me paint you a picture! There is Chris, sipping coffee and.....reading a biography of the Queen Mother whilst listening to radio 4 and the Sunday service........
and there is me, covered in dogs, listening to my digital radio ( the bitchy steve Allen on london talk radio) still in my woolly hat and longjohns.......
Happy Valentine'd day!


  1. Hello John
    You really had me going then - I was loving the picture you were painting and then dissoved into tears of laughter.
    Oh the joys of rural living - it does look so serene and peaceful but theres no wonder you were up and about that early with all that noise going on. What time does that b.........chook/rooster start crowing lol
    Take care

  2. It's quite a picture you've painted John, and the video makes it even more vivid! I loved hearing all the sounds--It's been awhile since I heard the rooster and the cows etc.,from the neighboring farm--Your countryside is lovely!! Sometime I'll record my morning for you too--I'm still recovering from posting the one of my dogs! ;-)) Happy, Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Love the video of the misty, moisty, frosty morning. Reminds me of mornings on the valley farm when I was a kid. I love the sounds of the cows and chickens. You live in a beautiful place

    What makes that noise? It always sounds like there is an airplane overhead.

  4. the sound you hear Callie, I think is the cheapo mircophone in the camera...


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