Sunday, 19 September 2021

A Quiet Rainy Sunday


Sunday morning.
Coffee and eggs.
The Archers.
I’ve cut flowers from the garden and set them up in dark corners of the cottage to lift the day

A walk around the village 
The main road is quieter on Sundays  so Dorothy was able to negotiate our way without the usual hysterics.
Few people are about 
I waved at Nick and velvet voiced Linda who were having breakfast at their kitchen table and to gwawr out in her car. But I saw no one else.
Most of the neat gardens are still retaining their colour.
Stan’s deep maroon dahlias look marvellous, and the cheerful rubekkia at Graham’s are still a stand out on High Street…but I did notice that the garden around the hall look a little untidy and overgrown . 
I will see if I can get a few volunteers together to help me tidy it up 

The rain started as soon as we got home. 
That fine rain that soaks you immediately .
I’ve written emails in support of the Pilgrim Church and posted more on the village websites about it, but my back is aching so I can’t sit for long.

Yesterday I ordered a dvd which will, surprisingly will be delivered today ( I thought there was a shortage of delivery drivers) Its a gentle comedy drama called The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNero

An Ideal Film for a quiet rainy Sunday

Saturday, 18 September 2021





I met my friend Cheryl for Brunch and a walk this morning. Both off our diets for one day 
We had the full breakfast at Bryn Williams with buckets of good conversation and strong coffee.

I’m having a quiet day tomorrow so it was a lovely way of bookending my holiday.

I’ve had a nice productive holiday.
Cheryl was impressed
I must have bored her with most of my list but she didn’t let on ..

A trip to London
A trip to Liverpool
1 art gallery visit
2 theatre visits
3 exhibition visits
1 stand up comedy night
1 evening with ( online)
2 evening meals out
2 cinema trips
I day sanding and decorating a bookcase
Afternoons at Aberfalls, Colwyn Bay, Chester and Llandudno
Brunch at Porth Eirias
An afternoon of very nice sex! Hey ho…
( that one pricked-up her ears)

I got home this afternoon to a jar of jam left anonymously which was nice 

I’m getting that strange feeling I used to get days before I went back to school at the end of summer holidays..but it’s ok…

Friday, 17 September 2021

A National Treasure


Miriam was interviewed by the delightful and insanely attractive Simon Callow and to be honest she started off in a rather subdued and for her persona of chat tv shocker , incredibly subdued way
But when the audience fired questions at her, she blossomed into a warm, self reflective, certainly strident   and intelligent character who , loved celebrated and adored her epithet of national treasure 
A lovely evening 
Her autobiography This Much Is True was released yesterday 

Aber Falls and Miriam


This afternoon the girls and I drove to the mouthful which is the village Abergwyngregyn and walked up to Aber Falls. 

The girls were buggered when we got back to the car

Tonight, instead of the cinema , I’ve treated myself to cheese and crackers and I’m going to live stream “An Evening With Miriam Margolyes “ from the Alexandra Palace 

I do hope she’s foul mouthed

Missing Julie, Bab’s Patchworks and Lilies by the back door


Even though Trelawnyd is so small, I can go weeks without catching up with Jason The Affable Despot .
He’s a self proclaimed hermit at times.
Last night we managed a meet and went to see the world premier of Missing Julie at Theatre Clwyd.
It’s always fun catching up with Jason. He’s bright and arch and funny and laughs easily . He also doesn’t suffer fools gladly, a trait which I like.
The play was ok. A revisiting and a rehash of the infamous Swedish 1888 novel Miss Julie now set in post World War One North Wales. 
It had a lot to say about class and sex and war and post lockdown and we couldn’t help but giggle when Jason likened one of the more dour characters to someone we both know in the village.
It’s weird cos my sister and I saw another adaptation of the novel two years ago at the Storyhouse in Chester .set in 1945 Hong Kong .
That one was unfortunately much better. 
I hate to say that.

Anyhow …..Yesterday I received some gifts 
Babs from the US, sent me two exquisite home made patchwork wall hangings which will sit beautifully on my spare room/ office walls in the East Wing of Bwthyn y Llan 

I love both of them, but adore the fact she incorporated the gay rainbow flag in her design of the star…
I am always so humbled by gifts like these.
Gifts that have been made over time with care, affection  and with skills I will never possess.
Thank you Babs….

 I took the dogs out yesterday morning only to find a large vase full of lilies sat on my patio table when I returned.
I was pondering who was responsible when a disembodied voice piped up from next door’s garden 
“ We are going away for a day or so, and didn’t want to waste the flowers……..enjoy them!” 

I will……..
Before anyone says anything , Albert never goes near the kitchen window .

Today I’ve sent out emails to organise a meeting of the “ Support the Church Campaign” 
We need to get cracking on a plan of attack ……
I can’t believe I’ve had almost two weeks off  
I’ve had a satisfying holiday 
Recharged and peaceful ….this afternoon I’m back at the cinema and tomorrow I’m meeting a dear old friend in Lancashire  for brunch and hugs and walks and big  talks 

It’s funny but before my divorce went through …and  until really  recently I felt terribly brittle and lonely at times 
But this week ….I’ve felt more empowered and ok with the brick bats thrown in my direction .

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Mowgli Chat Bombs


It was still sunny and warm when I got to Liverpool yesterday. I walked past Church Alley to photograph the umbrella art before mooching around John Lewis in order to touch lots of nice, fashionable and expensive items. 
I met my friend Colin at Mowgli and initiated him in the delights of the chat bomb.
Now if you get the chance try eating this delicate Indian tamarind dough balls filled with an explosion of flavour of chick peas, garbanzo beans, green chilli pickle, a cumin raita, pomegranate seeds and coriander.
You pop the whole bomb into your mouth and bite…kerrpow! BLOODY LOVELY 

Simon Amstell at the Philharmonic Hall was entertaining , in an understated Jewish Gay sort of way. I missed his enfant terrible days of Never Mind The Buzzcocks when he terrified the celebrity contestants with his waspish wit…last night he was much more reflective, and gentle .
Not a belly laugh evening, but a sweet smiling one.

As I was eating and socialising in Liverpool Cheryl R was working hard at the village bingo night
She raised 900£ For St Michael’s last night. Well done that woman.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Get Ahead Get A Hat


I don’t wear hats as a rule . In winter I prefer those woolly beanie hats to anything else, but these are purely functional. I don’t go for sports hats. I think in older men, they are generally worn in an effort to look younger or to cover baldness.
I have a big head…that’s another reason I don’t wear hats, so this morning when Dorothy ran over with a black cap in her mouth, I was all ready to return it to the bench from which she had taken it. 
I had seen the cap on Monday where it had been placed by a Walker thinking it’s owner would retrace their steps to retrieve it. Two days later it was still there.
I put it on.
It was cool with dew and that felt good
And Cinderella, it was a perfect fit. 
I’ve kept it ! 
It makes me look a tiny bit younger and it covers my admittedly very small bald spot.

Seeing I have to be at Mowgli ( ) in Liverpool by 6 ish, I’m staying home today to do gardening.

Finally big Good luck to the powerhouse which is Cheryl R who has organised tonight’s Bingo and cake sale at the Memorial Hall tonight. She’s just collected my rather banal banana loaves and is offering lotus Caramel Sponges for sale
Bloody lovely

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Remainder Holiday jaunts

 Tomorrow , me and my friend Colin are off to the philharmonic Hall in Liverpool to see Simon Amstell 
He’s  is a very sharp witted comedian and writer and presenter.
I shall enjoy his view on life.
Thursday night Affable Despot Jason and I will go and see a play at Theatr Clwyd,….I haven’t seen him in ages, the play is cheap so may be crap but he’s already messaged me “ it will be a larf” 
Friday it’s Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings at the cinema 
Saturday I’m meeting old friend Cheryl for brunch and sea walks at  Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay …we both say we need a hug xxx
And Monday it’s a Bodnant Gardens visit with my friend Neil and our respective dogs, luckily his bulldog loves Dorothy .

So the final chapter of my holiday is almost sorted save a few open windows say SUNDAY ? Any takers?
I’m having a lovely time….
But it’s taken bloody organising 

Mixed Bag

The cottage is filled with the heady smell of banana loaves baking.
I’m preparing a few cakes for the village bingo night which is raising funds for the Church.
I will leave them on the kitchen wall to be collected tomorrow.

Banana loaves take at least an hour to cook.
So as I’m waiting, I’m catching up on jobs and am pottering
I filled a cheap planter with delicate violas, and filled the hanging basket by the front door with the remainder.

I’m having another coffee and have checked the news,
The local news is full of the fact that several of the Llandudno goats have got themselves stranded on a Rocky outcrop by the town. 

I will watch this story with interest.
The weather is so so today and I’m contemplating what I’m going to do with the rest of my day.
Apart from my ABBA gift I will leave you with this photo
I took it on my way back from London
I’d love to know his story

Lovely weather this afternoon , so we all went to Colwyn Bay Promenade and shared a panini .
Long walk included a visit to the=newly completed 130 foot truncated pier.

Monday, 13 September 2021



Asli ( Canan Kir) is a Turkish/ German Muslim living in 1990s Hamburg. She leads a relaxed Westernised life as a medical student, a life which changes over a five year period after she meets a slightly more orthodox Arab Muslim Saeed (Roger Azar) who is Lebanese. 
She drinks and smokes and has non Muslim friends which he starts to disapprove of  but the couple embark on a sexual relationship which finally leads to marriage. 
Only then does Asli start to realise that Saeed is more fundamental in his beliefs than she once realised.

Co-Pilot , a film by German film maker Anne Zohra Berrached , feels a little flawed halfway through as Saeed’s path towards piloting one of the planes during the 9/11 attacks is clearly defined for the audience to see, even though his erratic yet loving relationship with his wife remains steadfast.
Would such a fundamental Muslim terrorist actually see his wife as his co pilot in life? especially one who smoked and drank without even a hint of  a hijab ? 

Unfortunately we see the drama unfold purely from Asli’s point of view. We understand nothing of Saeed’s motivations or his history ( save for one sequence when Asli strangely visits his rich, very liberal, matriarch led Lebanese family) and so I felt somewhat let down by the time the horrible truth is revealed to all. 

I must add that one particular scene did Berrached proud as a filmmaker .
On a wintery German street when the couple are courting, a love struck Asli pretends to be a plane with Saeed playfully piloting her…they run down the street then very slowly are raised into the night sky with the street falling gently away behind them . 
Ok a heavy metaphor for the co-pilot title, a reference to their marriage and a foreshadow to his terrorist future but a beautiful scene.


I’ve had quiet morning doing paperwork and catching up with bills and life organising.
I love working at my desk as it’s a comfortable sit…thank god for John Lewis’s rather expensive but bloody comfortable desk chair
The girls, as usual are asleep on the bed behind me . 
Both are snoring after their walk
It’s stopped raining , so Albert is out hunting rabbits, I’ve seen him walk up the lane …he knows there are a few in the Churchyard and he is too old to climb the six foot wall.
He prefers now to walk through the gates.

I’ve booked tickets for Ode To Joy at the Philharmonic to compensate for the ones I missed yesterday
I’ve never heard it live .

The bills are all paid, (another satisfying job in itself) and I’ve booked to go to the cinema this afternoon in Chester.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

What Pleases Me


I bought this ceramic cheese board today.
It cost 8£ from Sainsbury’s 
It’s cool to the touch and you can feel the leaves when you run your fingers over it.
I was so pleased by it.
I love being pleased by simple things
The joy of a gift given, a sweet view of the sea on the way to work last night 
And the cold touch sweetness of a cheeseboard 
Bought as a self gift 
No one else would buy you 
Hey ho

Best Laid Plans

 I never made the bloody concert
It was a case of best made plans.
It was Sod’s law for me to have volunteered for what turned out to be one of my busiest shifts this year during which I felt my old nemesis of a urine infection hitting home. 
I drank buckets of bland fluids but that was a difficult balancing act given the workload .
Subsequently I was exhausted and feeling rather under par when I got home.
I slept heavily until 3 pm .

In one way I was glad to have gone in for the extra shift. 
For one of my “ favourite” patients was approaching the end of his life.
Clinically I know I am an unflappable nurse. This comes from my psychiatric roots where I was always taught that good nursing was 50% Confidence , 45% Knowledge and 5% bullshit 
The secret of reducing anxiety in patients and their family is to take control and have a plan.
I took control and had a plan 

I felt vindicated in doing the shift when my patient’s mother whispered into his ear
It’s alright , John’s here!” 
Luckily this sort of thing happens with many of the clinical staff at the hospice.

The night team left work late this morning and I emailed the concert tickets to my friend in Liverpool before going to bed. 
I needed a heavy sleep and felt better for it.
I was sorry to have missed the concert though

This afternoon I walked the dogs and went to Sainsbury’s where I bought chicken and salad , dog food and of all things, a ceramic cheese board.
On the way home I popped by Hattie’s neat new home to drop off a Welsh terrier toy for her new baby , which is due in a couple of weeks.
It was nice to see her.